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Leetown: a Mocambo on the KFS border

For decades, the KFS Army hasn’t fought anything but “starving river pirates” and slave rebellions.  These pirates and escaped slaves live in Mocambos.  A typical Mocambo is Leetown


Leetown is a  Mocambo:  a community of escaped slaves.  Such communities can be found near the KFS, the New Confederacy and any other group that operates a system of slavery.  Mocambos are hidden, camouflaged and fortified.

Like most mocambos, Leetown is not entirely self-sufficient and the inhabitants often cause substantial problems – they are likely to attempt theft, extortion and raiding. (They often raid for women.  The majority of escapees are young men)


Leetown is hidden among the trees that now cover the ruins of Wilson, Arkansas – and was  “founded”  by deserters from a KFS Janissary regiment, in 2112 .   It has always welcomed escapees and has grown to approximately 850 people.  However, there are still far more men than women and an interesting form of polyandry has evolved.


The main types of food production are  hunting (deer, wild pig, birds) and the gathering of mushrooms, pecans and persimmons.  There are a few, isolated plots where maize, beans and squash are grown but these are deliberately kept small and are camouflaged – because the community always worries about attacks from the KFS Air Force.   When supplies are low, Leetown will conduct raids into the KFS and/or extort food from  river merchants


Leetown has a few Trade Rifles and almost every inhabitant is competent with a crossbow.  The forest that surrounds the mocambo contains many pit traps, snares and concealed sentry posts.  These sentries are equipped with crude grenades that are more useful as alarm signals than weapons.  Also, rubble has been carefully placed along the old roads and rail track.  Even a tank would find it difficult to navigate its way along the trails.


Leetown has a blacksmith (who can also make crossbows) but otherwise, technology is minimal.

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