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The Red Stripe Trading Company – introduction

Many MP Teams see it as their duty to set up communication and trading networks.  Unfortunately, most Encounter Groups are insular and resist contact with outsiders.  To provide contrast, this is a Group that enthusiastically supports the flow of commerce, information, and people across the continent of North America.

NAME: Red Stripe Trading Company
POWER/RESOURCES: Micro-Hydropower is commonly used.  If unavailable, will operate steam or diesel generators
WEAPONS:  Firearms in good repair, including some light automatic weapons.  May sell hunting rifles
SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES:   A network that provides secure locations for ANYONE to trade ANYTHING.  Uses couriers & radio to disseminate commercially important news & information within the network

History: the Red Stripers began as a loose association of River Traders and Truckers.  Eventually, the association developed into a formal network of trading posts situated along trade routes (usually rivers or remnants of the Interstate system).   They communicate by a mixture of couriers and radio.   The radio network uses CB radios for short range communication and spark gap transmissions for long range

The network is often welcomed; they have good contacts and many communities considered it lucky to have a local Trading Post.

Red Stripe Merchandise & Services: Local products and services are exchanged for manufactured goods (usually from the nearest “high-tech” group).  They usually provide accommodation (for humans, animals and vehicles)  fuel and a secure place to leave mail.  Mailmen, Emdees and other “useful wanderers” are offered free room and board

The Morrow Project might be pleased to encounter such a network.   But not everything is benevolent.  Elements of the Red Stripe will cooperate with anyone who will pay their fees;  Slavers, Inquisitors, Badges or even the most unpleasant Overlords can be valued customers.  Also, very few Red Stripe Trading Posts are completely independent – most are at least under the influence of local government – and large sections of the Red Stripe network have been infiltrated by the Frozen Chosen.  [As specified in this post it is often used – as a “front”-  by “Missionary Teams” of the Frozen Chosen.]

I would suggest the following for an introduction to the Red Stripe.  Details have been left vague and the PD should be able to drop it into a game without too many problems

“Pull”:  The Team have picked up radio transmissions.  They are in Morse and appear to use a simple substitution cypher (For example: one of the transmissions is: “morrison elephant kangaroo”,  another is the single word “cryotube”

Time: approximately one hour before sunset

Location: on the shores of a major river, near the ruins of a bridge .  Remnants of the steel framework are being used as guides for a fairly big rope ferry (it might be able to handle a small truck)

First Impressions:

1. A small town with only one large building.   This is a new and sizable two-storey structure which seems to be a fortified motel.  The only windows are on the top floor (these are shuttered) and there is only one entrance.  The design is a hollow square built around a large courtyard. approximately 100 metres across.   It’s clean and whitewashed;  but the only decoration is  a wide, red stripe is painted along the top of each wall.  A signpost  identifies it as “Red Stripe Mall & Motel  OPEN 24/7” .  The word “Vacancies” is displayed beneath the sign

2. Like most of the town buildings, the Trading Post is apparently constructed from logs and scavenged material which have been reinforced with concrete.  However – unlike most nearby buildings – the workmanship appears to be competent

3. Two (electric?) cables run from the building into the water.   A third cable runs to the bridge

4. Three family groups (men/women/children: a total of 18 individuals) arrive and depart during the 1 hour period before dark.   Most walk,  some are on horseback and one group (3 males, 4 females one small child) arrive with 2 horse-drawn wagons. The contents of the wagons appear to be leather/hides and are exchanged for something from the Trading Post.

5. There are electric lights mounted on the exterior of the Trading Post (they appear to be truck headlights).  After dark, these lights flicker into action and illuminate the interior of the trading post, the sign, the shoreline and the ruins of the bridge

It the Team gets close enough they can see that there is a single entrance, wide enough for a truck.  The courtyard is open to the sky, and the inside walls of the enclosure are outfitted with a number of  alcoves/bays/rooms to accommodate various businesses and shops.  Most bays seem to be vacant, or set up for temporary users, but there is one obviously permanent enterprise with a large plate glass window and a well-painted sign that says “Red Stripe”.  This houses the Post’s merhandise and provides access to the 2nd floor

Eventually (?) the team will enter the Trading Company.   The staff will be polite – but will react differently if the MP personnel
insist on carrying weapons (anything that fits in a holster is acceptable)

  1. January 13, 2014 at 5:16 am

    As always, you have excellent ideas. I am about to start an mini Oklahoma Based campaign and I am going to use this with a slight change to call it a Red River Trading Company. But keep up with these ideas. There great.

  1. August 5, 2012 at 12:05 am

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