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KFS "Quad 50"

The KFS is forced to deal with 3 problems: challenges from the Morrow Project, changes in tactics by its (lower tech) enemies and its own limited manufacturing capabilities.  The “Quad 50” is a new and experimental solution; it uses 4 standard KFS heavy machine guns and mounts them on a lightly armoured trailer (which can be towed by a jeep, or even a team of horses).  This provides devasting firepower.  In fact, it has resulted in a reduced need for Close Air Support from the KFS Air force

The Quad-mount has also been well-received by KFS troops operating from static defensive positions.

Like many KFS “innovations” this copies a 20th century design: the (lightly-armored) M55 trailer with Maxson Mount.   Historically this was intended as a cheap Anti-Aircraft weapon but became used as an anti-infantry weapon.   The KFS does not face any threat from aircraft (with the possible exception of the Morrow Project’s Airscout) but it has encountered groups that use snipers, or “human waves” .   It also has the occasional need to totally demolish stubborn villages.

The Quad-mount is equipped with three jacks, on which it can be lifted, and then, after removing the wheels, the base is lowered onto the ground (providing good support for its guns). For transport the procedure is reversed; the Quad-mount is lifted using its jacks, which allows the wheels to be replaced.

Tactical use

The quad-mount has proved particularly effective in dealing with snipers and skirmishers in forested areas.  The quadmount gunner rarely attempts to fire at the enemy; he simply aims at the base of the trees and fires. The high concentration of projectiles literally mows down the trees – taking out the snipers/skirmishers at the same time.   The quadmount has also been effective against “dug-in” positions in mountainous areas.  For obvious reasons, it has been affectionately nicknamed the “buzz saw.”

see here for youtube video


Length: 2889 mm
Height (for transport): 1607 mm
Height (for firing): 1429 mm
Width (for transport): 2092 mm
Width (for firing): 1397 mm
Empty weight: 1340 kg
Ground clearance: 178 mm
Armament: Four heavy 12,7 mm (.50) M2HB machine guns, with electrical firing mechanism
Rate of fire: 2200 rounds per minute (note: each magazine “can” holds 200 rounds)
Traverse: 360 degrees
Elevation: -10 degrees to 90 degrees
Angular velocity of traverse and/or elevation: 60 degrees per second
Towing speed on road: 16 km/h
Towing speed off road: 8 km/h
Fording: 0,46 m
Crew: 4 (gun chief, gunner, 2 loaders)
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