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The Handover (a campaign/scenario idea)

Background: In most (perhaps all) of the official modules, the players have no real knowledge of the area that they operate in.  There are no mechanisms for introducing them to the people and circumstance that they have to deal with.  So I thought it might be interesting to come up with a scenario where the Player’s Team is the SECOND Morrow Project unit to operate in the area…

(note: this is set in Floodwood Minnesota – but a PD is free to adjust the location)

WELCOME TO Floodwood

The Team is awoken to find that they have specific orders “Move to town known as “Floodwood” at grid coordinates (1001/8435) and relieve Recon Team Alpha-7 and MARS Team Gamma-4.  The Unit Commander will brief you on the local conditions.  Keep radio silence until you are within 5 kilometres”

The following is the “briefing” that the Commander wil give as she shows the team around (note: as a result of several months of diplomacy, her units are relocating to the area controlled by “Twin Port University“)

“OK.  We’ve been here for 4 months.  We’ve done some groundwork – but there’s still a long way to go.  Let me show you the town.

“The first thing you probably saw was the Bridge. We’re proud of that.  It used to be in pretty poor shape until our Engineers did some remedial work.  They used thermite to weld on some scrap metal reinforcements and now it’s strong enough to take some HEAVY trucks and that’s attracted  Gypsy Truckers.  They operate some pre-collapse Big Rigs .  We’re not sure where these truckers get spare parts – but that’s something you’ll want to look into.  Just tread lightly… the Truckers have really boosted the local economy and my Ag & Econ specialists are very optimistic”

“The second thing is the wooden bridge over the marshy/swampy area.  That’s where a second “old bridge” collapsed.  We demolished it, cannibalised the steel and helped design a new bridge – which can handle cart traffic and light vehicles.  It’s got some other towns very interested and the local carpenters and smiths are getting offers to come and build bridges for them.  Some of those towns are Slavers – so that’s a possible security problem.”

“”Now here’s the Market.  It’s what you would expect,  really.   A big space that’s pretty quiet for most of the time.  The town’s craftsmen and knowledge workers operate from here.  But once a month everyone and his cousin leaves their village, their farm, or whatever –  and comes into town for the big Farmer’s Market .  Oh… and every 4 months you have the BIG seasonal fairs.   The permanent population of OldBridge is just under 400.  But when there’s a Fair, that can triple.  Incidentally, we’ve been renting one of the warehouses next to the Market.  They’ve been very reasonable…it’ll cost you one gold coin from the Trade Pack each month”

“Oh.. and.. before I forget.   The next fair will have a scheduled visit from the Amerindians.   According to local legend the Amerindians have some sort of high tech city state  in the West.  We haven’t seen this – but there are stories.  Anyway.. details would be good”

“On the East side of the Market is the Patrol Base.  That’s where ‘Captain’ Arthur Collins lives, works and dispenses what passes for justice.   Government here has a pretty simple form.  Collins is the Mayor, Judge, Utilities Manager, Head of the School Board and everything else.  Democracy is pretty much a forgotten concept … and that’s something that you’ll need to work on.  ”

” To be fair… most of the people think Collins is tolerable.  One of them told me once.. something like.. “Captain Collins isn’t greedy, isn’t stupid and keeps worse folk way “.  He belongs to something called “Maxwell’s Militia” .  This… as far as we can tell.. means that his family have been operating a protection racket for decades.   Some of that’s good.  Some of it’s bad.  On the plus side, Collins is bright enough to realise that he needs the Markets and the Fairs to run peacefully.  And the Merchants accept that disputes get handled in the Court – not in dark alleys.  If you’ve got any Law Enforcement or Governance Specialists, they’ll be spending time with  Collins.  And his sons.  He has lots of sons.. and some of them are trouble. ”

“Just be careful –  the Collins boys have access to heavy weaponry.  And Collins’ boss has some AFV capability.  We can’t just get rid of him and institute Democracy”

“But getting back to Floodwood’s economy.  I suppose this area might be called the food processing area.  The watermill for a start.  Here’s the Dairy and over there’s the Brewery; they make beer, hard cider and do some distilling.  That’s the slaughterhouse and sausage makers.  Oddly enough, they also make a little biodiesel.  The Gypsy Truckers are big customers.  Meat… and other food… tends to be preserved by drying, smoking or pickling in salt.”

‘Obviously that’s the tannery – Everyone is grateful that it’s downriver and downwind. ”

“Ah.  Now you see the woman with the vehicle that looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a cart?  That’s Doctor Anthea Gibson.  She’s the town’s MD.  Our Medic’s got a lot of respect for her – but there are apparently big gaps in her education.  Filling those gaps tactfully would be part of your medic’s duties.  Incidentally, Gibson was trained at “Twin Port University” – which is a little more technologically and politically sophisticated than this place.  As part of our diplomacy efforts, we built the cycle combination for her.  We took the parts from a bunch of motorized slavers that were beating up one of the villages.   For some reason these slavers are called “Breeders”.  We didn’t get them all – and apparently they’ve got a bad reputation for taking revenge if anyone stands up to them.  Sorry about that.. but you could have another security problem”

“OK.  So that’s a swift overview.  Obviously I’ll introduce you to the opinion-formers and leaders.  Church Groups, Craft Guilds, that sort of thing.  You’re going to have a bumpy ride”

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