The Inquisitors: Devoted followers of Santa Muerte

The Morrow Project rulebook  does not specify the Inquisitors’ religion; it only states that they use the Spanish Inquisition as a role model.  They are clearly a widespread and well-organised group with “several regional churches and one main one”

The Inquisitors could be an interesting encounter Group – but it’s hard to see how they can be used if there are no details of their religion.  So, this entry is an attempt to give more detail and elaborate on the object of their worship: Santa Muerte


Santa Muerte began in Mexico as a supernatural personification of death.

Historians suspect that this skeletal figure is a combination of  Catholic and (notoriously bloodthirsty) Aztec   religious ideas.  The personification is female, probably because the Spanish word for death, “muerte”, is feminine.  To believers, this entity is comparable to Saints or Archangels and can be included within a Christian viewpoint.  They point to the Catholic concept of the need for a “good death,” (muerte santa) fully confessed of sins.  However, Catholic theolgians disagreed and attempts were made to suppress the cult.  It became an underground religion and remained so for centuries.

In the late 20th Century, the worship of Santa Muerte became popular among criminals,  and was also taken up by those who practised various dangerous trades at night (drug dealers, prostitutes, taxi drivers, vendors of pirated merchandise, even police and soldiers).  These people worshipped her as Señora de la Noche, the “Lady of the Night” and the cult spread to Latin and North America (often helped by the financial support of Drug Cartels)

After Death Day

Santa Muerte cultists were well-equipped to survive the Chaos.  They had organization, ruthlessness, loyalty and weaponry.  They soon became a dominant force and even developed their own brand of missionary evangelists: the Inquisitors.

150 years after Death Day

Ethnic background: The Inquisitors were originally Hispanic but this is no longer a real requirement.  However, an ambitious Inquistor would be wise to become fluent in at least one dialect of Spanish  (both Spanish and Latin are used in the the cult’s rituals)

Other details: The Inquisitors’ main church (known as “Seminary”) is in Idaho, just north of the ruins of Boise.    Inquisitors are trained at Seminary before they commence their lifelong mission.

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