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KFS River Patrol: Air Service

The various Armed Forces of the Kentucky Free State are notorious for their bureaucratic infighting and lack of mutual trust.   Because of these problems, the KFS River Patrol finds it necessary to operate its own Air Force: a tiny squadron of 6 ultralight amphibians, known as “Defiants”.  These are “Wing in Ground Effect” vehicles:  hybrid boat/planes designed to cruise at a height of 3 metres above the surface of the river (although they can make “hops” to an altitude of 30 metres).

The unimpressive specifications are due to the the political power of the “real” KFS Air Force – which will not allow any other Service to operate vehicles that can fly above 100 feet.  These aircraft are not (officially) permitted to carry bombs but – even so – they are CHEAP and perform several useful functions for the River Patrol: reconnaissance, survey, artillery direction and liaison/communications.


Crew: 1 pilot and 1 passenger (or 100kg of mail/cargo)
Length: 4.25 m
Wingspan: 3.75 m
Armament: 2 x CETME Squad Automatic Weapon (500 rounds each)
Max Speed: 150 kph (note: below 100 kph, aircraft is very difficult to control)
Sensors:  The Defiant carries a camera and meteorological sensor package
Engine: Multifuel Wankel engine (as used in the KFS Jeep)
Composition: Aluminium (wings) and marine plywood (fuselage)

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