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Personal Effects Satchel

Many Project Directors allow their players to have a few personal effects.  The amount may vary from “a shoebox” to “a footlocker” .  I recommend something like a “Personal Effects Satchel”.  (This is mentioned in the blog entry on Mental Health Training).  This is intended to hold the PC’s most valued “stuff”.

Please note that the PES  is not supposed to be a way of getting extra weapons, trade goods or anything that should already be included among the Character’s specialist tools.  This is an assistance to roleplaying.  “Name at least 15 things that would help keep you sane after TEOTWAWKI”

The Personal Effects Satchel (or PES) is a messenger bag with an additional solar charging module.

The PES has padded pockets for small electronics such PDA, or an entertainment device as well as a large cavity for a laptop computer. It features an extra large cavity for storing folders, paperwork, and books. Side pockets and accessory pockets feature a see-through cover and orange accents for easy access to your personal items. The front of the satchel features organizer pockets for pens, and extra pockets for additional electronics.

The front flap features a light-weight, flexible, integrated solar charging module which can be utilized by using a common 12V automotive charging adapter – allowing the ‘trickle charge’ of most personal electronics (note: this obviously works best in a ‘Late Date” Project, but could also work with items such as Sony Walkmans).

Product Specifications
Fabric: 1680 Denier Nylon
Size: 46cm x 33cm x 12.7cm  (18in x 13in x 5in)
Weight: 1.36 kg (3.0 lbs)
Capacity: 19 litres (1170 cubic inches)

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