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Personal Effects Satchel – Example List

This is based a list of Personal Effects that I chose for a character in a Yahoo-hosted play-by-forum game  (a ‘Late-Date’ Morrow Project).  This PC was an Economics Specialist with a Peace Corps background.

IMHO, the PES is a useful roleplaying tool.  Selecting “15 things that would keep you sane” is a good way to develop the character

  • small photo album – family, friends, places
  • book (paperback): `The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.’ – Author: Martin Luther King, Jr., Clayborne Carson (Editor)
  • religious item: small gold crucifix on neck chain
  • Bible(small paperback) (King James version)
  • booklet: `20 poems from Rudyard Kipling’
  • book (hardback): `The Second Raymond Chandler Omnibus’
  • graduation ring
  • packs of condoms (10)
  • book (hardback) “Hoyle’s Rules of Games”
  • four packs of cards (miniature, plastic-coated playing cards. Cards measure 2.5″ x 1 3/4″. Weight: 1.5 oz.)
  • white dress shirt & silk tie
  • Rayban sunglasses (4 pairs)
  • Portable DVD players (2)
  • DVD collection: Casablanca, Blues Brothers, Blues Brothers 2000, Men in Black, MIIB, Shrek, Fantasia, The Big Lebowski, The Maltese Falcon, My Neighbor Totoro
  • Diary/filofax/journal
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