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Combat Roles & Weapon Loads within the MP Team

This is a companion piece to  “TMP for Newbies” A little guide on why some Basic Loads are more appropriate than others

The Morrow Project planners anticipated that every Morrow Project team might have to engage in quasi-military operations and – in recognition of this possibility – equipped them accordingly with both weaponry and (some) doctrine/training.

MP Combat Training and Doctrine drew upon the experience of paramilitary SWAT teams (sometimes called “Special Response Teams”) because MP Planners considered that such units provided the best doctrinal  framework for the sort of missions that were likely to be assigned to non-MARS units

Combat Roles

Assuming that the most common size of Team would be 9 personnel, Planners suggested that Teams be organised for the follow Combat Roles.  The Basic Loads are guidelines and may be augmented with equipment carried on  vehicles.  For example a sharpshooter/observer team might be assigned to crew a MAG-58 that has been unshipped from a vehicle.

[note: for the blog-reader’s convenience, an excellent list of Basic Loads can be found at this other site ] or here

Assault Element:

Team Leader (Basic Load 11)
One Pointman (Basic Load 10)
Two  Defensemen (both with Load 11)

One  Rear Security  (Load 1)  – This is the Asst TL , who may accompany the Assault Element – but usually commands the Overwatch Element

Overwatch Element:

Two Sharpshooters (both with Load 3)
Two Observers (One with Load 18, One with Load 2)

All Team Members must be cross-trained in at least one alternative position within the team and the Team leader must be familiar with every role



  • Leads, Organises and Supervises Team
  • Coordinates Planning, Training & Implementation
  • Plans & executes Operations
  • Controls both Elements
  • Determines Special Requirements for Mission/Operation

  • Conducts Reconnaissance
  • Recommends primary & alternate Routes of Approach
  • Guides Entry Element during Approach
  • Assists Defensemen in Security Role
  • Carries any special equipment & employs grenades at command of TL

  • Provides security for Pointman during movement
  • Acts as Pointman when necessary and protects the element from ambush.
  • Covers the Assault Element during withdrawal
  • Employs Grenades at command of TL

  • Provides overwatch to the Assault Element during movement
  • Covers the Assault Element during withdrawal
  • Serves as Assistant TL
  • Carries additional equipment as necessary

  • Maintains surveillance of the designated area from a fixed position
  • Provides Intelligence & Information to the Team Leader while in the surveillance role
  • Neutralizes hostile fire with well-planned shots at command of TL
  • Provides overwatch/cover to the Assault element during initial attack/entry

  • Records all events prior to, during and after incident – for potential use as evidence and After Action Reports
  • Provides security for Sharpshooter
  • Assists Sharpshooter in locating hostile personnel
  • Relieves Sharpshooter as necessary
  • Employs 40mm grenades at command of TL
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