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TASER for Morrow and Atlantis Project

X-26 Taser

The X-26 is almost within the canon dates (a form of Taser was manufactured in the 1970’s) .  In any event, this is an optional addition to the Project’s “less-lethal” capabilities.

Rules: this deice is 95% effective.  If a successful hit is achieved (Pistol skill) then the target should make a saving roll – only a roll of 95 to 100 will allow ANY action while the taser is active.

• Size: 175 cm3 (10.7 cubic in.) 15.3 cm x 8.2 cm x 3.3 cm (6.0″ x 3.2″ x 1.3″)
• Weight: 175 grams (0.45 pounds / 7 ounces)
• Power Output: Shaped Pulse Discharge 50,000 Peak Voltage 2.1 Milliamps Average Current (0.0021 Amperes)
• Range: 0-4.6 Meters (0-15 ft) plus contact stun capability
• Digital Power Magazine (DPM): Power source with lithium energy cells and digital memory 6-volt input, 10 year shelf life, 200 firings at 25°C
• Energy Cell Indicator: 99% – 00% remaining energy level
• Digital Pulse Controller (DPC): Automatic 10 sec burst (interruptible) 0-2 seconds: 17 pulses per second… 3-10 seconds: 10 pulses per second 11-20 seconds: 10 pulses per second 21-30 seconds: 10 pulses per second
• Clothing Penetration: Up to 5 cm (2 inches)
• Temperature Range: -20° C (-05° F) to 50° C (122° F)
• Target Illumination: 650 nm laser sighted to center grouping at 13 feet plus two super bright LED’s for low intensity illumination (LIL)
• Cartridges: 15 ft. range, 1800 PSI nitrogen propellant, classified by U.S.B.A.T.F. as non-firearm, reversible design with 8° probe separation angle.
• Central Information Display (CID): 2 digit LED displays remaining level, burst time, warranty expiration and illumination status
• Safety: Ambidextrous levers with Safe “S”, Fire “F” markings
• Holster: Soft holster with rotating clip
And now… here are some minor celebrities getting tasered
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