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Atlantis Project uniforms

Combat Camo  (rural)

A standard jacket and cargo pants combination, this is frequently worn by Shield Teams – but issued to all units.  This example is shown without headgear or LBE (see below)

Utility Uniform

The Atlantis Utility Uniform Jacket is made from a combination of resistweave/goretex and is the outer layer of a ‘clothing system’   which is made up of: T-shirt/briefs,    Nomex (fireproof) long-johns, wollen rollneck sweater and a  fleece jacket liner.  Wearers can adjust their clothing ‘mix’ to suit climate and conditions

The wearer is allowed a choice when the clothing system is issued.

He/she can choose:

Three (3) pairs of blue jeans or olive ”cargo pants’  (both made with a resistweave fabric).

Seven sets of clothing components in white/black/olive/khaki/blue or grey  (any combination is allowed).

Note: this jacket may be worn with the modular combat vest and/or pistol/utility belt (see below).  The Atlantis Project also issues a shoulder holster that may be concealed by this jacket


Waterproof/Camo Poncho

This is a lightweight reversible waterproof (ripstop nylon) poncho with taped seams, a cord adjuster in the  hood, press stud sides, 6 eyelets on hem, ties in each corner.  It is issued complete with storage pouch.

Each team member  is issued with 3 reversible ponchos

  • rural camo + olive green
  • high visibility (yellow/orange) + olive green
  • Winter camo + urban camo

Load Bearing Equipment

Combat Vest – Modular System

This resistweave vest can carry a variety of pouches (all of which can also be attached directly to the belt  – but obviously NOT at the same time). The system includes a universal holster, a pistol web belt, three  pistol magazine pouches, a radio pouch, a longarm shoulder pad, a large general purpose pouch, four adjustable rifle mag pouches (each can carry 2 magazines of 5.56mm or 1 mag of 7.62) , a radio pouch and two internal zippered map/document pouches (one contains a small survival kit).  A heavy duty back loop system allows the wearer to carry additional gear and tools.

Fully adjustable in girth and length.

Can be worn over the Uniform Jacket

Headgear: Cagoule


1. Made from fireproof Nomex.

2. All personnel are issued 3 cagoules

Headgear: Cheche

A large cotton scarf based on the Tuareg garment.  Each team member is issued 5 (one in each design)

Headgear: protective

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