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More KFS strategy: Takeover via Air Control & Coercion

The KFS Air Force is a relatively cheap way for the KFS to enforce its will and to make swift reprisals for “Acts of Disrupting Commerce” (their equivalent of an Act of War). Note that the KFS don’t intend to just ‘kill people and break things’ (that removes valuable property and customers). Instead, the aim is to ensure the smmoth flow of commerce, trade and taxation .

So how does it work? Well let me set up a scenario for Air Control & Coercion campaigns.

Raiders from ‘Village X’ have ambushed a Merchant Convoy with goods intended for the KFS market. The KFS has to respond. It could make a Battalion-strength punitive raid – but this would be expensive in terms of lives (and more importantly, money). However, there is an alternative….

The KFS Air Force delivers a clear ultimatum “Any attack on the Merchant Convoys is an Act of Disrupting Commerce. Pay compensation and fines and hand over the criminals” OR ELSE
“1. Leave your village by noon tomorrow. After that time it may be attacked by the KFS Air Force n at any time day or night”
“2. Stay away until the KFS gives permission to return. We will do this immediately you comply”

An important aspect of the Air Control & Coercion Campaign is that it includes a Psychological Warfare aspect that is tailored to the ‘audience’. Propaganda repeats the “peaceful and justified aims” of the KFS and

1. how easy it is to comply with the ultimatum
2. the utter futility of resisting the almost legendary KFS Air Force and it’s invulnerable,  high-tech aircraft

This propaganda is distributed via leaflet or aircraft-mounted loudspeakers (using the KFS-170) and contact is maintained with the target population at all times; Secret Police agents may be involved

Concurrently with the Psychological Warfare campaign, the P-47 pilots bomb and strafe the (probably empty) target. This ensures that the villagers cannot safely return to their homes/farms/businesses/granaries. Resistance usually ceases after less than a month. Then the next stage can be launched: the “Enhancement of Commerce” Phase.

After a successful Air Control & Coercion operation, KFSAF doctrine sees it as essential to show the prestige of the KFS and the benefits of being on their list of friends. During the “Enhancement of Commerce” phase KFSAF aircraft provide a means of positive contact with the former targets:

1. Education/Medical: doctors are flown in, clinics are set up. Potential future EmDees are identified and encouraged to apply for KFS education

2. Communication: a small-scale airmail operation is set up for the local elite.  Radios and TVs are sold/given to locals

3. KFS-manufactured luxuries (perfumes, clothing etc) are given to local leaders and/or allowed to be sold in the local markets

Once Village X sees the cost/benefit advantages of accepting KFS protection (there are some taxes involved) a ‘temporary’ landing strip with an accompanying platoon of troops can be constructed

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