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"Proxy War": KFS political/military Grand Strategy

The KFS “Grand Strategy” hinges on one deceptively simple approach:  do everything possible to raise, equip and train the best possible military forces –  then do everything possible to use them as little as possible.

Bordering the Kentucky Free State are numerous lawless, worthless areas where the KFS cannot collect taxes or strip out resources.   However, these areas  could be useful to  enemies and provide ‘safe havens’ to raiders and insurgents.  The KFS response  is to keep its  scarce, expensive troops OUT of these areas – and arm local proxies instead.  If the local proxies are defeated then punitive expeditions might be mounted, but the KFS actively avoids long-term occupations

When it encounters a large political entity, the KFS attempts to either ally with it or destabilise it.  Currently, the KFS and New Confederacy are allies – but the KFS is confident that it could quickly initiate a “divide and rule” strategy if it wanted to neutralise the NC.

Recently, the KFS has seen the arrival of a new class of enemy: the Morrow Project.  This has prompted long-range diplomatic expeditions, deep into North America, to find other powers that feel threatened by the Morrow Project and might be induced to fight it. In one epic case, an envoy journeyed  2,000 miles into what was once California, and persuaded a previously unknown Overlord to send forces to attack their mutual enemy

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