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How the Frozen Chosen take over a community

The Frozen Chosen have succeeded in gaining control over a large number of  towns/villages and – after more than century – have developed an effective technique.

The campaign begins by sending a Sales & Survey Team into the community. This team consists of 2 to 5 people and usually represents itself as a mercantile operation known as “The Red Stripe Trading Company” (often selling medicines, luxury goods and/or expensive weaponry like the Frozen Chosen “Buff Gun” ).

The Sales & Survey Team quietly (and patiently) ingratiates itself to the locals and begins to compile data. The Frozen Chosem are looking for information such as:

1. Grievances against whatever government/hierarchy may exist locally,
2. Medical data (especially prevalence of disease/illness and child mortality)
3. Education systems

The Sales & Survey Team also begins recruiting locals for indoctrination and military training at the nearest FC facility either a Church or a Red Stripe Trading Post). This is termed a “job offer” and disaffected teenagers are a favourite target.

The Sales & Survey Team identifies potential future leaders from within the community (and potential ‘troublemakers’). Dossiers are compiled. Through informal discussions, these local leaders are gradually “converted” and join with the Sales & Survey Team to form a Missionary Group. The Missionary Group usually grows to include friends/relatives of the core group. At this point the Missionary Group begins holding open/public meetings and ‘teach ins’ (which cover everything from basic literacy to craft skills).

As numbers grow, the Missionary Group becomes known as a Church Group. In this phase the Frozen Chosen organise the people into what they call “Sector Groups” such as: agriculture: men, women, youth, defence, craftspeople. The Missionary Group also begins forming a militia, or influencing any existing one. Some of the teenagers previously recruited for “job offers” may return to join this militia (see below).

At this stage, the Church Group has enough resources to build a school , which will be equipped with materials donated by the main Frozen Chosen church.  Formal training is now introduced. Using classroom techniques, the original Sales & Survey team indoctrinates locals (and especially the children) in FC ideology, theology and economic theory. Meanwhile informal training continues through the discussions and teach-ins.

An important point to note is that the “Sector Groups” become new centres of political power – thus subverting the original/traditional power structures that were in place before the Sales & Survey team began work

This new power structure will eventually expand to the point where it is a full “shadow government” which is capable of either replacing or co-opting whatever civil administration is officially in place.   It will specifically deal with the settlement of disputes between community members and is usually more “just, fair & honest” than the official government.

At this point, the original Sales & Survey Team forms a new nucleus from within the community and moves on to the next village or town.


Every form of government needs a way to enforce its will.  The Frozen Chosen use the FC Militia

The  FC Militia structure usually begins with 8 to 16 local males and goes through a series of stages in its development. At first, the militia members are unarmed and are often teenagers. They are called “FC Scouts” and are used in local intelligence and early warning nets (in defence of the village AND the Church).

After about a year,  the Scouts will expand and will be given weaponry: shotguns and small-calibre, bolt-action rifles. Missions are still defensive in nature.

The third category is when the militia is considered fully trained and may be used on offensive operations. Weaponry becomes more extensive and may include a mortar and/or a “Buff Gun”. The militia/scouts will now come under the operational command of the nearest FC facility.

The fourth category is the formation of a ‘Divine Justice’ squad. Five or six individuals are selected from the militia and used to assault or kill selected inhabitants of the community. These are NEVER random targets; these are the people who are causing the biggest problems/resentment within the community. The object is propaganda: to show that the Frozen Chosen can provide an immediate/visible solution to major problems.


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