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Frozen Chosen – a variant

The Frozen Chosen are one of the more enigmatic groups in the Morrow project universe and – as far as I know – there is no canon description for them outside the main rulebook.  I have written them up as a Puritan sect, but here is something more exotic

ALEPH SHIN RI aka “The Frozen Chosen”.

This name comes from Hebrew and Chinese: Aleph (first letter of Hebrew Alphabet), Shin=truth or reality, Ri= reason, justice or truth. (Incidentally, I’ve shamelessly stolen this from the real-life Aum Shinrikyo: maniacs who were interested in Apocalypse, superscience and high-tech weapons)

Theology of TFC is based on the concept of ‘blood karma’. According to the Church, your life is heavily influenced by your blood karma. The church defines bad Karma as resulting from harm done to others, good Karma results from SERVICE to others. Naturally, the greatest service that a church member can perform is to convert others to the religion.

The Frozen Chosen believe in Karma but not reincarnation. Karma is inherited from ancestors and bestowed to descendants.  So if you have a bad life, it’s partially due to bad choices made by your ancestors.  On the plus side, if YOU live a virtuous life and accept the results of this Karmic balance, then the Bad Karma is reduced and your descendants should have a better life. In theory, the worse your existence, the faster the Karmic debt is reduced.

Note: The mainstream Frozen Chosen church has ‘accepted’ that all living humans have inherited a huge karmic debt from WW3 .  One wing of the religion has decided that this debt can be reduced by torturing individuals and has begun exchanging ideas and personnel with The Inquisitors.   However, the New Confederacy branch of the church does not promote this belief.

The New Confederacy Administrator class doesn’t have any problems with the Frozen Chosen theology (it dovetails with the idea of inherited debt) and has allowed it to set up churches in many towns. The Church has operated within the NC for almost 70 years (but they still have their “world HQ” in Northern California). The church runs several schools, colleges and hospitals and has become almost the default religion for non-citizens.

The Frozen Chosen have good relationships with the New Confederacy’s Evangelical Christian churches, who respect their charity activities and ideals of service to others (although there is ‘agreement to differ’ over theology and the concept of a current karmic balance of humanity).

This stability could continue but there are 2 problems:

1.  Some of the NC Frozen Chosen have begun to think that they could provide a huge karmic service by allowing Displaced Persons to be released from their slavery (debt bondage)
2.  The Church leaders in California have concluded that the Deepees (led by Frozen Chosen church members) would have an excellent chance to take over the New Confederacy – and if that happened, would be REALLY grateful to the Aleph Shin Ri.

It could be a win/win situation for the church’s leaders. They’re hypocritical power-seekers – but now they have a chance to follow their avowed philosophy, free people from slavery AND boost the church’s power.

BUT discretion is important. The NC could suppress the church  so assistance to the Deepees will have to be secret (at least for the moment). There are safe houses, an “underground railway”, and a small supply of weaponry.

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