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NEW-KODI-AM Interviews: The Morrow Project – part 1

Another radio interview from Cody Wyoming and the New-Kodi-AM station

ANNOUNCER: Good evening Listeners, thank you for joining us for the latest in our series of live interviews.   Tonight we’re privileged to have a most unusual visitor in the studio.   I’d like to introduce the leader of the group that everyone has been talking about: Team Leader Petra Charendoff, the commander of Morrow Project Recon Team WY-R-148.

PETRA CHARENDOFF: Thank you for inviting me.

ANNOUNCER: Not at all.  You’re more than welcome, Team Leader.

PETRA CHARENDOFF: Please call me Petra.  “Team Leader” is a little too formal.

ANNOUNCER: As you wish, Petra.  Well.. Were shall we start?  I think that in the last week or so…all of Cody has either read your newspaper interviews or attended the townhall meetings.  So at the risk of confirming what people already know… let’s visi the  relevant points of the Morrow Project story.

PETRA CHARENDOFF: OK.. well as you know the Morrow Project personnel are the survivors of an ambitious attempt to freeze people and revive them – after ewr.. ‘DeathDay’  for what we call the ‘Reconstruction Effort’.

ANNOUNCER: Was this the same sort of ambition as our neighbors?  The ‘Frozen Chosen’?

PETRA CHARENDOFF: Apparently very similar.  Although we had never heard of the Frozen Chosen.  And the Morrow Project has no religious policy.

ANNOUNCER: Well that’s a distinct difference.   Your technology is also different, isn’t it Petra?  Could you tell our audience about that.  Perhaps you could start with the power plants used in your vehicles?

PETRA CHARENDOFF: What do you mean?

ANNOUNCER: The engines in your vehicles.  They’re not what we would regard as normal, are they?  They don’t sound like internal combustion engines. In fact they’re nearly silent AND they don’t seem to burn fuel and you don’t seem to refuel or recharge them.

PETRA CHARENDOFF: I’m afraid that’s something I can’t talk about

ANNOUNCER: Oh, that’s a pity.  Nevermind… let’s move on.  You’ve mentioned a “Reconstruction Effort” to rebuild the USA?  It’s no secret that – here in Cody – we hold a similar ambition and hopefully, we could work together on this.  Perhaps you could tell us about what the Morrow Project brings to the table?

PETRA CHARENDOFF: I’d be glad to.  Umm… the people in the Morrow Project are trained to assist in 4 operational areas: Security, Governance, Economic, and Information.

ANNOUNCER: You know, Petra, I can’t help feeling that you’ve rehearsed that list.   Security, Governance, Economic, and Information?  Is that the order of priority?

PETRA CHARENDOFF: Not necessarily. They’re all vital.  Any one type of operation can be said to support the other 3.  As a Recon Team we’re maybe more comfortable with ‘Information’ but we can work the whole spectrum.  Although Cody doesn’t seem to need much help in Security and Governance.  I don’t know yet whether we can help on the local economy.

ANNOUNCER: I see… and by ‘Information’ you mean…?

PETRA CHARENDOFF: Communications, Persuasion, Information Transmission and Education.  We can offer equipment, assistance and training in techniques.   We can  augment your current personnel and infrastructure.

ANNOUNCER: Interesting.  Well I can see that this is going to be a fascinating interview.  we’ll be back after these announcements for station identification…

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