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NPC Rolodex:#2 Bandit/Overlord

The Mayor of Tomah: Antonia Wayka


Name:  Antonia Wayka
Rank: Bandit Leader
Height: 5’1″
Appearance: An Amerindian woman in her late 20’s, a short and very tough individual

[note: details given are for background to ‘Project Lucifer’ and  specifc to Wisconsin.  Modification will be necessary for your campaign.]

Background: When she was 11 years old, Antonia Wayka was enslaved by the ‘Tunnel Rats’ – a bandit gang based out of the ruins of Tunnel City, Wisconsin.   The gang’s leader wanted to rape her. However, she was protected by the deputy leader (who was himself an Amerind).  During the dispute, the the gang leader was killed and the deputy took control.

The new gang leader was more popular, intelligent (and succesful) than his predecessor – and the grateful bandits adopted Antonia as almost a lucky mascot.  She was taught to shoot ‘modern’ firearms (looted from the nearby Fort McCoy).  She was soon an enthusiastic bandit and fully participated in the gang’s activities: extorting goods from travelling merchants and kidnapping local villagers for ransom.

Wayka’s psychological development was  scarred by her childhood experiences; she developed into a cold, ruthless and manipulative adult.  After 10 years – and several convenient deaths –  she became the leader of the Tunnel Rats and took them to the ‘next level’.

Current situation of the gang

The ‘Tunnel Rats’ gang has been through extensive changes since Antonia Wayka became leader.  Instead of being simple bandits, the ‘Rats are now a militia and are protecting/running a town:  Tomah, Wisconsin.  Tomah’s citizens aren’t too upset by the situation because they are now relatively safe and have a functioning Market Town.

Note 1:  She selected Tomah because of its location; the town straddles the ruins of 2 highways, 2 interstates, and is on  the path of an old rail line.  All of these routes are used by Gypsy Truckers, Slavers, Merchants, Wanderers, Salvagers and Mailmen.  Wayka provides security and a safe market town (in exchange for relatively low tolls and taxes)

Note 2: Wayka has ‘officially’ been elected Mayor of Tomah and pretends to have given up banditry.  In reality, she finances several bandit gangs which sell their goods in the Tomah Market.

Note 3: Tomah is the HQ of a group of Emdees (who operate out of the old VA Medical Center) and Wayka attracts a lot of goodwill by protecting and funding the activities of these medics.

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