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NPC Rolodex: #1 KFS Gentleman Ranker

This series is for the benefit of Project Directors.

We’ve all been there; the players suddenly insist on talkng to one of your NPCs – and you hadn’t prepared anything about this individual.  Well…  hopefully this will help.  It’s a  ‘rolodex’ of NPC  archetypes that can be deployed when necessary.

ARCHETYPE: Kentucky Free State ‘Gentleman Ranker’


“Yea, a trooper of the forces who has run his own six horses,

And faith he went the pace and went it blind,”

“And the world was more than kin while he held the ready tin,”

“But to-day the Sergeant’s something less than kind.”

Name:  Nicholas Edward Mackintosh
Rank: Specialist Third Class (E-4)
Serial Number:  919504

Height: Tall (just over 6 foot) , slightly stooped

History/Background: Nicholas Edward Mackintosh was born  one of the “Old Two Thousand” familes: a life of wealth and privilege in the service of one of the Rich 5 clans (in this case, the Getter family).  He should have had a glittering career – but it all started to go wrong in his third year at Rockfaller University…

A series of expensive scandals eroded Mackintosh’s money and his family’s patience.  The final embarassment was the revelation that he was bisexual.  Sexual experimentation  is tolerated –  almost expected – from the ‘Rich 5’ but the ‘Old Two Thousand’ are much more conservative.  Mackintosh was disowned and cut-off from any family funds.  Unable to find work, his only option was to join the Army.

After Mackintosh completed Basic Training, his sister  ‘pulled strings’ and managed to get him a relatively high-status assignment: the Cavalry Troop of the Third Regiment.  The Troop’s CO wasn’t sure what to do with this new and flamboyant recruit and assigned him to one of the Surveillance Detachments (if only to get him out of the way).  To everyone’s pleased surprise, Mackintosh showed a talent for operating the new Ground Surveillance Radar.   This was a great relief to the Troop; before Mackintosh’s arrival, no-one had been able to understand the Operator’s Manual.

Mackintosh has been in the KFS Army for 2 years and has become much more mature.  He and the Surveillance Detachment have a simple relationship: he makes them laugh and does his job better than anyone else.  In return, they ‘cut him some slack’.  The SD members suspect that he’s gay but they respect his skills and appreciate that he is  totally discreet in his ‘private activities’ .


If he is captured and/or questioned Mackintosh will be fiercely loyal to the Cavalry Troop and the Third Regiment; he will not divulge anything except his name, rank and serial number.   He might be sympathetic to members of the Children of Liberty (especially if he meets someone he knew at University) but he won’t do anything that would put his comrades at risk.

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