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Atlantis Project Teams

The ‘standard’ Morrow Project has 4 main types of Teams: Recon, Science, MARS and ‘Specialist’ (which is everything else).  The Atlantis Project has the following 3 classifications for its field teams: Network, Shield and Infrastructure Reconstruction.  These names were chosen for their semantic importance

‘Network’ Teams are similar to Recon Teams in that they are tasked with initial contact, survey and assessment (which usually involves interaction with survivor communities).  However, they also have a responsibility to ‘connect’ these communities with the Atlantis Project – and other survivors.

‘Shield’ Teams provide additional security for the Atlantis Project.  They are  similar to the MARS concept: they consist of Rapid Reaction units and are usually air-mobile and/or operate Unmanned Air Vehicles.

‘INFRASTRUCTURE’ Teams are responsible for rebuilding Critical Infrastructure. These teams consist of Engineers, Technologists, Medical Doctors and various Economic/Political/Governance specialists.

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