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Atlantis Project Guidelines

These are the training guideline for Atlantis Project personnel

1. Build Communications Networks

Every Nation requires communication networks.  Without these, social, political, infrastructure and economic recovery cannot occur.

2. Grow the economy

The Project NEEDS to generate economic connectivity in order to manufacture allies and increase the ability of the Recovery Process to fund itself.

3. Hire people.

Your Team will need help.  This help does not (indeed should not) have to be provided for free.  Use your resources to pay people to work for you

4. Self-replicate

One team (and its employees) cannot do everything.   Use the networks you find and create to form copies of your Team.  Basically, this is an exercise in leadership.  Every Team must be able to provide motivation, knowledge, and focus that will enable non-Project personnel to form their own ‘Project Teams’.

5. Recognise, share and copy anything that works

MP Teams are not capable of doing everything.  Neither are they the only source of good ideas.  The Team must be quick to identify, copy and share any solution that appears to work.

6. Change how you do things.  Tell others what you’ve changed.  And do it frequently

Innovations, from tactics to weapons, should be publicised as soon and as often as practicable.  Perfectionism, bureaucratic planning processes, excessive secrecy, risk aversion, and other plagues found in hierarchical organizations are the enemy of success.

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