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Townspeople #1: Background

“Townspeople” is the broadest and vaguest Encounter Group in TM1-1.  However, as these are apparently the people that the Morrow  Project was designed to help, I thought it might be helpful to expand on this definition and provide some more details – if only to differentiate between “Farmers” and “Townspeople”.

First of all, a town is more than a big village.  It is a nexus:  the ‘hub’ of local economic and social networks and there are two main characteristics that separate a town from a village hamlet or township

1. Size: The population will number in the hundreds (possibly thousands)

2. Economic activity: Most of a town’s population will tend to work in manufacturing, commerce and ‘public service’ – rather than primary industry such as agriculture.  However, there will be Farmers nearby 

Size is easy to explain, so we’ll move on to economic activity. What does the 22nd Century town buy and sell?

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