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KFS Ground Surveillance Radar

KFS Ground Surveillance Radar


The system includes everything necessary for operation including 24 VDE external power converter, carrying harnesses, tripod, an adapter for vehicle mounting, four (4) rechargeable batteries (BB-622) and a fifty (50) foot cable for remote operations

The Kentucky Free State manufactures a few copies of this device (based on the US Military’s AN/PPS-5 which was originally designed in the 1950’s) .  One is issued to each Cavalry Troop.   It weighs 55 kg and is usually carried by a vehicle or two soldiers

The radar is used to detect, locate, identify and track moving personnel at ranges of 6km and vehicles at ranges of 10km, day or night under virtually all weather conditions. Skilled operators can also use it to track mortar or artillery rounds..

When emplaced, the radar set consists of two major operating assemblies (tripod mounted components and control indicator (CI)). The two major assemblies are connected by a remote cable. The tripod mounted components include the radar receiver-transmitter, antenna reflector, battery assembly, and telescope. The CI receives output from receiving circuits of the transmitter and presents them on the A and B scopes and as audible signals in the electrical headsets. The radar control indicator controls the movement of the antenna in azimuth. The power for the CI is received through the remote cable from the battery assembly on the radar receiver-transmitter or through the power supply. Communications are provided by secure combat net radio (CNR).


An emplaced radar set

training video


AN/PPS-5 screen

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