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Continental News from NEW-KODI-AM

1. Cody, Wyoming is the site of a “New Presidency” city-state idea that I’m working on
2. Cody’s ‘prestige project’ is the operation of an AM radio station. This uses equipment inherited from the (real world) KODI-AM
3. Ballooners visit Cody each August, as part of the traditional Wild West Balloon Festival

ANNOUNCER: Today we’re privileged to have a distinguished visitor in the studio. I’d like to extend our annual welcome to Captain Jasper Aubin, commander of the Airship ‘Las Vegas’.

CAPTAIN AUBIN: Thank you. But the privilege is mine. And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cody and the US government for their hospitality. God knows, several dozen visitors can be a problem for many places. But, every year, Cody has always been generous to us.

ANNOUNCER: Very gracious of you to say so sir. But let’s get to business. NEW-KODI has purchased a number of radio recordings from you. They’ve been edited into a series and we’ll be playing the first episode in about 5 minutes. Could you set up the background for us?

CAPTAIN AUBIN: I can give you some highlights.


CAPTAIN AUBIN: OK. Well let me think what will be of most interest to your listeners. I don’t think Cody has contact with Maxwell’s Militia? Or the Kentucky Free State?

ANNOUNCER: Not really. We pick up some radio transmissions occasionally. Even the odd TV signal from Kentucky – or rather Kentucky and Tennessee – but nothing more.

CAPTAIN AUBIN: Well let me talk about the New Confederacy then. They’re in an interesting state. They seem to be losing control in some areas. Which is leading them into closer links with the Kentucky Free State. Military, trade, security… the whole nine yards.

ANNOUNCER: Last year we heard from you about the New Confederacy’s problems with ‘The Underground’ which itself had links with the Kentucky underground. Is this the same problem?

CAPTAIN AUBIN: We think it’s three problems. Like lots of people they are worried about the Warriors of Krell. And to add to their misery… North Dakota is trying to secede and the NC Underground is getting support from the Kentucky Underground.
Actually, the two Undergrounds seem to have linked up and they have their own radio stations now. Some very interesting programming, actually. They also have a military wing – calling itself the 369th Infantry Regiment. Even a few aircraft – operated by a unit called the “Blackhawks”.

ANNOUNCER: Aircraft?

CAPTAIN AUBIN: Well they’d be called ultralights back in the day. A bit of metal tubing and fabric, a motorcycle engine and a propellor.

ANNOUNCER: VERY interesting. I believe that an Underground radio recording is being broadcast this evening and a Kentucky radio show is on the fourth. Our listeners will be able to compare the two. But what about this new organization we’ve been hearing about: The Morrow Project?

CAPTAIN AUBIN: Difficult to say. They do seem to be popping up all over the place and there’s all sorts of myths and legends about them. For instance, there’s a Fort Morrow in Chicago. They’re at the old O’Hare airport. Now… we hear nothing but good things about Fort Morrow. On the other hand, the Kentuckians seem to blame the Morrow Project for everything from crime waves to bad harvests. The Morrow Project also seems to have an outpost on Isle Royale, Lake Superior. That’s dealing with the Lakers and their New Union of American Nation States. Apparently on good terms. And, of course, every so often we hear about a few of the Morrow Project “teams”. They appear out of nowhere with a few tanks and lots of firepower.

ANNOUNCER: What do you think the Morrow Project is trying to achieve?

Aubin: I’m not sure. Your listeners may come to their own conclusions. We have a recording from something called a Morrow Project Science One. That recording….which is really well done, by the way…very professional. That recording says that they intend to restore the United States of America. They were broadcasting to a community that they were specifically protecting from Krell units. The ‘Las Vegas’ flew over the battleground when it was all over… and it was frankly… scary. The Krell were wiped out. Hundreds of corpses.

ANNOIUNCER: Woah… well this sounds like it’s going to be a fascinating series. NEW-KODI would – once again – like to thank Captain Aubin and his crew for making this possible. We welcome listeners from Cody and anywhere else that you can pick us up. Listeners will be able to comment by phone or letter over the next 2 weeks and we’ll be reading out the best ones in our Analysis program on the weekend. So now, without further ado, NEW-KODI-AM proudly presents “Continental News”


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