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Weapons of the New Confederacy: Semi-Auto Rifle

The NC Model 81 – chambered in 300 Savage

This recoil-operated rifle features a rotating bolt with dual lugs that locks into the rear portion of the barrel. When the gun is fired, the barrel, bolt and bolt-carrier assembly recoils all at once, allowing the bullet to exit the barrel before the mechanism unlocks. During this operation a couple of heavy springs inside a sheetmetal covering surrounding the barrel are compressed.

It’s a very efficient, powerful setup and provides reliable semiauto function. There’s no gas system to worry about, and the piece works well under some pretty adverse conditions with a minimum of maintenance.


The standard miltary model (20 rounds)

Name: NC Model 81
Cal: 7.8 x 47.5mm
Weight: 8 kg
E-Factor: 16
Eff. Range: 400m
Max. Range: 2955m
Type of Fire: Semi-automatic
Rate of Fire: 40 rpm
Feed Device: box magazine (loaded with stripper clips)
Basic Load: 60 rounds


The civilian model: (5 rounds)

Takedown version


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