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The Morrow Project and the Reconstruction Effort

A briefing for new recruits to the Morrow Project

Executive Summary:

The purpose of this briefing is to illustrate the Project’s intentions with regard to what we have termed the `Reconstruction Effort’: the rebuilding of the USA. It attempts to provide a conceptual model, not a template for action. It is intended to illustrate to MP personnel where their efforts fit within the Project’s strategy, rather than telling them what to do in a given situation. It is an aid to collaboration, not an operational plan.

Reconstruction Strategy:

Objective: The Project’s objective is the reconstruction of the USA as a functioning Nation State.

The Morrow Project cannot predict what you will find when you awake. We have assumed that the USA will be (at best) in a condition equivalent to a `fragile’ state and may have completely devolved into a `failed’ state. It is possible that sections of the continent will be out-of-communication or even in active conflict with surviving government structures.

We have based this strategy upon the assumption that there will be some form of government among the survivors that you encounter, although it may not take the same form as the current US government. It is quite possible that there may be several competing governments – with varying degrees of legitimacy.

Success conditions:

The Morrow Project will have been successful when the following conditions are met:

1. The US government is functioning throughout the territory of the USA and in a form that is as close to the current Constitution as the surviving citizens are capable of achieving

2. There are legitimate social, political, economic and security institutions which meet the population’s needs. This must include adequate mechanisms to address any grievances that may have arisen before or during the Reconstruction Effort

3. Any group opposed to reconstruction (for whatever reason) has been effectively co-opted, marginalized, or separated from the population, with the voluntary assistance and consent of the population; and

4. Any armed non-governmental forces (including the Morrow Project) are no longer in existence, or have been demobilized, or have been integrated into the political, economic, and social structures of the USA.


The Morrow Project (and anyone else willing to reconstruct the USA) will have certain imperatives.  Again we cannot predict what these are but the Reconstruction Effort will likely involve a political struggle, a need for infrastructure and a requirement for security, The exact form of these struggles is impossible to predict. It will probably vary from region to region – and is highly dependent on the governments, states and political structures that you will encounter.

To support these imperatives, the Morrow Project will provide 4 components or functions in support of the US government. We term these: Informational, Economic, Political and Security.

Note: All units must be capable of providing these functions – although some specialist units will obviously be better suited for some specific tasks

Informational Component. Information is the foundation for all other activities.

Obviously, without information, no one can plan the Reconstruction Effort, or evaluate reconstruction activities. Recon and some specialist teams will probably take the lead in Informational operations – but all MP personnel must understand that information (and influence) is a two-way process. The whole process of gathering, formulating and disseminating information will be crucial in shaping perceptions and gaining support.

1. An information campaign creates a narrative. The type of narrative that we need is one that that will enhance the legitimacy of the Project and (more importantly) the surviving US government. It must `resonate’ with the survivors and be based upon verifiable facts and measurable progress. Deeds speak.

2. An information strategy must address ideological, social, cultural, political, and religious motivations that influence or engender a sense of common interest and identity among the survivors. It should be based upon any and all available data (eg government census/tax data, or public opinion polling), not just surveys performed by MP teams.

3. A comprehensive information analysis involves understanding the effects of Morrow project activities on the population, adversaries, and the environment.

Note: Security, political and economic measures are all critical; however, to be effective in the strategic sense, they must be integrated into a broader information strategy.

Economic Component. This function includes programs for rebuilding or providing critical infrastructures in the financial, telecommunications, energy distribution and transportation fields.

The objective is to enable, support and facilitate agricultural, industrial, educational, medical and commercial activities. Assistance in effective resource and infrastructure management, including (re)construction of key infrastructure, are likely to be vital to the Reconstruction Effort

Note: without a national infrastructure it is unlikely that a nation can exist

Political Component
. This focuses on strengthening the capability and
capacity of the US government to respond and be seen to be responding to the needs of American citizens. Associated activities may include diplomacy, advising/training, and DDR (disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration) programs. The Morrow Project may need to support political efforts where survivors, because of the security environment, are not able to operate freely.

Note: it is vital that the nation is governed by its citizens NOT the Morrow Project

Security Component
. This function includes 5 components:

(1) Armed force: to secure the Reconstruction Effort and protect citizens from attack or intimidation by external threats
(2) Police security: to include community policing, law enforcement, police intelligence activities, border police/patrol and paramilitary field forces.
(3) Individual Security: the protection of human rights, and the effective functioning of civil legal institutions (courts, jails, prisons) and
(4) Public safety (fire, ambulance, sanitation, civil defense), and
(5) Public Health (access to food, safe drinking water, and medical care.)

Note: Economic and political progress may not be dependent upon a completely secure environment, but an insecure one is unlikely to be helpful.


If the Morrow Project is to be effective, it must carry out multi-faceted and integrated operations that apply its unique capabilities across 4 functional areas: information, political, economic and security. All Teams should be capable of performing these functions and must not regard them as appropriate to ‘just Recon’, or ‘just Specialty’


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