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Weapons of the Amerind Empire: Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher





Range: 60 m
Length: 104.5 cm
Operation: Recoilless launched Grenade
Miuzzle Velocity: 45 m/sec
Penetration: 200mm at 30 degrees
Diameter of Grenade: 150 mm
Warhead: 1.59kg (TNT)
Weight (Grenade): 3.06 Kg
Weight (Total): 6.1 Kg
This simple and effective weapon operates on the action-reaction principle . Inside the launch tube is a small black powder charge.

When fired, the finned bomb moves forward due to the force of the expanding gas. Since the momentum of the warhead is created by reaction to the mass of the high velocity gas exiting out the tube, there is no recoil.

This is not a rocket launcher, but rather a smoothbore recoilless gun. The weapon is preloaded and requires only a simple Allen Key to unlock before firing. It consists of a metal tube and a grenade containing a shaped charge of TNT.





The hollow charge warhead is made of thin sheet steel with a wood tail boom. The fins are made of flexible spring steel and roll up around the boom inside the launch tube. They open as the grenade leaves the tube.

Warning: When fired, this weapon creates a backblast of 2 to 3 metres. .

Note: Although the grenade launcher is effective, it is NOT a popular weapon. It has an extreme firing signature (firing one round reveals the user’s almost fully exposed position) and the back blast can easily cause second degree burns. Also, the ‘recoilless’ effect is imperfect and users frequently experience smashed fingers and damage to their arms/shoulders, Hearing loss is also a strong possibility

Real world: this is obviously the Panzerfaust 60 (see here for an animation of how it worked)

(( Another inspiration is on the cover art of the 4th edition.  ))

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