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Weapons of the Amerind Empire: 107mm Howtar

Amerind Empire Heavy Artillery

<a title="M98 Howtar" M98 Howtar

This is the main Heavy Artillery Piece of the Amerind Empire: a copy of the M98 Howtar (the M2 107mm mortar placed on the 1920’s era M33 carriage for the 75mm howitzer).

The original Howtar was found in a military museum and eventually adopted by the Amerind Empire as a very effective method of deterring attack on their strongpoints. The Howtar is relatively small, is easy to transport and can be towed by a light vehicle or even a horse. An additional advantage is that – true to its mountain howitzer heritage – it can also be disassembled and carried by 7 mules.

Manufacture of the Howtar’s hydropneumatic recoil system is complex and expensive, but the Amerind Empire considers the investment worthwhile.

Rate of fire: 5 rpm for 20 minutes (1 rpm indefinitely)
Effective ranges
Minimum: 515 meters
Maximum: 4,500 meters

Available ammunition

HE-T HE Shell 11.11
Filler: TNT, 3.64 kg
Muzzle Velocity: 256 m/s

Smoke WP Shell
Weight: 11.57 kg
Filler: White phosphorus (WP)
Muzzle Velocity: 250 m/s

Chemical H Shell
Weight: 11 kg
Filler: Mustard Gas 2.7 kg

A. Data pertaining to 107-mm Mortar Cannon M99: B. Data pertaining to 107-mm Mortar Carriage M33:
1) General:
Caliber: 107-mm (4.2-Inch)
Length (tube and base cap): 1.8m.
Weight (tube and base cap): 111.13kg.
Rifling: 24 Lands and Grooves, graduated right-hand twist.
Range (Maximum): 4,500 m
Performance (average for new mortar):
Type of ammunition: Fused and semi-fixed, complete round.
Weight of projectile (varies): 11 to 11.5kg.
Method of loading: Hand.
3) Sight Unit: M-34A2
M-79 Sight Mount XM-7
M-9A1 Adapter.
M-62A/C Elbow Telescope.
M-45 Boresight.
Type: Modified box type.
Wheels: Automotive type, high speed.
Tire size and type: 6.00 x 16 standard.
Tire pressure: 20 lb.
Weight of each wheel with tire: 90 lb.
Brakes: None.
Limits of elevation:
Maximum: 1007 mils.
Minimum: 117 mils.
Type: Axle.
Maximum right: 63 mils.
Maximum left: 63 mils.
Type (contained in trail): Spring (2).
C. Data pertaining to 107-mm Mortar Recoil Mechanism M38: D. Data pertaining to Overall Dimensions of Mortar and Carriage:
Type: Hydro pneumatic.
Maximum recoil allowable: 0.81 m.
Minimum recoil allowable: 0.64 m.
Normal recoil: 0.66 to 0.79 m.
Nitrogen pressure at 70° F: 1,500 psi.
Recoil oil:
Type: Petroleum base hydraulic oil.
Capacity: 1.5 litres.
Reserve in recuperator: 1/2 fill of oil filling gun.
Length: 3.378 m (133 in.)
Width: 1.27 m.
Height: 1.32 m.
Road clearance: 0.25 m.
Weight complete: 584.68 kg.

Information from various sources . Ammunition information refers to the American M2 (1940’s vintage) mortar

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