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‘Chrome’ for Amerind Empire: Glassphalt

Glassphalt: “The streets of Sacagawea gleam and glitter at night. They shine like silver”
The Amerind Emoire has limited access to oil but they do trade for oil products like asphalt, which they obtain from the city-state of Cody, Wyoming (one of the New Presidencies).

One of the uses of Cody’s exports is the residue from it’s refinery – used to make tarmac. Tarmac is usually made just from bituminous asphalt and gravel, but it can be made with crushed glass added to the mixture (up to 20% glass by weight). Obviously, this saves on the amount of material needed and provides a way of disposing of all that broken glass cluttering up the ruins. In fact, it makes broken glass a useful commodity

There are also some engineering advantages. Due to its glass content, glassphalt will hold heat longer than conventional asphalt. In addition, glassphalt surfaces appear to dry faster than traditional paving because the glass particles do not absorb rainwater.

As a plus for road safety (and something that impresses visitors) Glassphalt surfaces are also more reflective than conventional asphalt, and may improve nighttime road visibility.

On the downside, Glasphalt is a little smoother than ordinary asphalt and is normally used in areas where the speed limit is a maximum of 40mph. This requirement rarely bothers the Amerind Empire

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