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'Chrome' for Amerind Empire: Bloodwood

“In Sacagawea, all plastic items are very smooth and shiny, and very, very dark red.”

The first plastics weren’t made from oil. An early one was “Bois Durci” [first used in the 1850’s]. It used scrap from the sawmill and industrial waste from slaughterhouses

Bois Durci (literally ‘hardened wood’) is made from finely ground wood ‘flour’ mixed with an organic binder: often blood. This mixture is dried and ground to a fine powder. The powder is placed in a steel mould and compressed in a powerful hydraulic press whilst being heated by steam. The final product has a highly polished finish imparted by the surface of the steel mould

Urban legend has it that the blood of executed criminals is used to make the bloodwood stocks fitted to the submachineguns used by Sacagawea’s police.

Notwithstanding this rather ghoulish story, the Amerind Empire exports a number of luxury items made from this plastic.

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