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On the Slaver Station

Slaver station

There are a few Encounter Groups that can be found ‘Anywhere’, one of these is the Gypsy Truckers, another is the Slavers.

Both these groups have the same Tech Level (C), both have access to motorized vehicles, both are ‘traders’ – but, of course, the Slavers have a specialty.

In short, Slavers are an offshoot of the Gypsy truckers: the TMP equivalent of the Barbary Pirates.

Like the Barbary Pirates, the Slavers are skilled in the use, maintenance and construction of a specific transportation technology (trucks), they are not without courage – and they are specialized marauders who commit the vilest of acts
Slavers take victims for themselves or for slave-holders. When seeking out prey for their own use, they target people who can be ransomed (usually for spare parts) or that have useful skills (like mechanics). This means that the Slavers prefer to target either Gypsy Truckers or communities with reasonably high Tech levels .

When selecting victims that can be traded to the ‘Rich 5′ or the New Confederacy, Slavers are less discriminating – and often prefer low-tech communities.

Part of the Slavers’ contract with slave-owning groups is the provision of ‘Slaver Stations’: a network of gas stations and repair facilities where the slavers can rest, recuperate and maintain their trucks (some of which are protected with field-expedient armour).

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