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KFS Colony – further Details

(with thanks to Robert O’Connor)

Most KFS Colonies soon attract a shantytown/favela – inhabited by ‘locals’ looking for work, security and other benefits of association with the KFS. In some cases, the size of the shantytown rivals that of the agroville.

Only about 120 of the KFS citizens are active ‘farmers’; they direct the local workers and have access to KFS technology: high-quality seeds and fertilizers. They can therefore routinely produce enough food for 5000 people.

The remainder of the workforce operate light industry (often for trade) and conduct salvage and other resource extraction operations.

Agrovilles send food, raw materials and salvaged goods to the KFS and, in return, the KFS ships back refined fuels, manufactured goods and luxury items.

Two of the colony’s light trucks are Emergency Vehicles. One is an Ambulance and the other is a Fire Engine.

The Power Plant generates about 2MW and is built around 2 of the bigger KFS Wankel aircraft engines (as used in the P47 Thunderbolts)

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