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Frozen Chosen Missionary/Trade Rifle (the "Buff Gun")


The KFS makes a nice profit from its Trade Rifles , and seems to have a pretty solid monopoly along parts of the Mississippi River

However, the KFS product doesn’t have the capabilities that some customers demand: the ability to deal with giant mutant animals and/or mechanized opponents.

Therefore, the Frozen Chosen offer another design of firearm, which is distributed by their missionaries and salesmen (often the same person). This niche product is the so-called “Buff Gun” a bolt-action rifle chambered for the venerable 50BMG round. Essentially a giant version of the M1903 Springfield, the Buff Gun is a very big, very heavy, single-shot, bolt-action rifle and is usually operated by a 2-man team.

Frozen Chosen recommendations are that the first crew member (and shooter) carries a bag with 12 cartridges and the rifle. The second crew member carries a telescope or binoculars, two canvas bags with 20 cartridges each, the bipod, and a crate with 72 cartridges. The crew normally alternates when shooting, since after 2 or 3 shots, most
users complain of headaches and dizziness.

weight: 17.3kg
length: 1.68m
E-Factor: varies dependent on ammunition used. Although this weapon can use ‘modern’ BMG ammunition (including API), it is often used with more primitive ammunition

Note 1: The Buff Gun is VERY expensive and is often purchased by communities rather than individuals. The Frozen Chosen never refuse a sale and will allow credit and/or give special deals to their Churches and those communities willing to convert.

Note 2: Unlike the KFS, the Frozen Chosen do not object to third party suppliers and many TLE+ communities produce an “Express” round for this weapon.

Note 3: This weapon has been exported to the New Confederacy as a hunting weapon for the wealthier members of the aristocracy. The weapon is usually carried by a gun bearer until the Hunter requires it.

Note 4: This is based on the real-world 13.2mm Mauser anti-tank rifle introduced in 1918.


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