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Elsewhere, I’ve written up the Frozen Chosen as a variant of the Aum Shinrikyo (the religious fanatics responsible for the Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway)

But then I started thinking about other religious fanatics. The following is a “Frozen Chosen” religion which evolved from the original “fanatical group of religious power-seekers” mention on the main rulebook.

This variant has the Frozen Chosen as a Puritan sect:  “The Redeemers and Retrievers” (something like the True Levellers)

Their theology is fairly standard Christianity with 2 specifically expressed additions

Duties of the Frozen Chosen

First Duty. “These are our highest duties: To feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, cure the sick, and break off the shackles of prisoners ”

Note: these cover the most basic of human needs – not political rights. The Church operates a number of charitable enterprises and requires its members to share whatever they can. Kidnapping and the deliberate destruction of food, medicine and housing are all serious sins in the eyes of the church.

Second Duty. “The duty of Government is to provide a wise and free ordering of the Earth and the manners of mankind by ensuring the observation of particular laws or rules, so that all may live peaceably in plenty and freedom. ”

Many of the Church’s laws/rules cover the ‘waste’ of anything essential to the first Duty. ‘Waste’ can be defined as anything from deliberate destruction of housing to the refusal to grow food on fertile land.  Therefore,  anything resembling farmland is monitored by the Church and even the smallest gardens are expected to be planted with food crops.

However, although farmland is effectively controlled by the Church, the actual crops grown by individuals can be regarded as completely private property and the Church will not control how the owner disposes of his/her food.  But if the food is allowed to “go to waste”, there will be severe penalties.

The Frozen Chosen theology provides a framework for self-sufficient agrarian communities. They are the dominant religion in many villages and towns. They have undoubtedly achieved a great deal and many communities owe the church a great debt

So what’s the problem? Why can’t the Morrow Project work with the Frozen Chosen?

First: Puritan Morality. The FC try to follow the 10 Commandments and regard the Morrow Project’s attitude to the USA as a clear contravention of the First Commandment (no other God) and quite possibly the second (You shall not make for yourself an idol). They also have deep suspicions about the historical USA’s alleged habits of breaking Commandments 3 to 10. And as for the ‘waste’….

Second: Rebuilding the USA would mean private ownership of all the things that the Frozen Chosen think should be communally owned (or at least monitored by them)

Third:   The Frozen Chosen was set up by power-seekers and is still seeking converts (by violence, if necessary).  The ordinary member is probably trying to serve God and his/her community but the Church Leaders suffer from the temptations and weaknesses which have affected religious groups throughout history.  In short, the high-ranking members of the Church are prone to arrogance, corruption and the abuse of power.

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