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Sacagawea: Social structure and government

Sacagawea has a Chief, who is selected by vote from all citizens. Only landowners above the age of 35 can stand for election. The Chief serves for 5 years – and cannot be re-elected.

The Sacagawea upper class is composed of those who are major landowners and have a claim to Amerind ancestry. Most come from the Nez Perce tribes, but there are also members of the Coeur d’Alene, the Kootenai, and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe.

Most day-to-day governing is the responsibility of the City Council: 11 representatives of the Amerind tribes and 11 ‘Merchants. Merchant members are elected every 5 years by the members of the Sacagawea Chamber of Commerce (which has a membership cost of $50,000 per year – paid to the city). There are two Associate (non-voting) members of the Council – these are appointed by the students and faculty of ‘the College’, specifically, the Lewis-Clark State College, which was never renamed.

Below (some say equal to) the Chamber of Commerce are the College’s academic staff and below them are independent traders, who pay 10% of their income to the city (and an annual due of $500) followed by skilled craftspeople, unskilled labor and indentured servants. Sacagawea did tolerate slavery for a time (and profited from slave trading) but slavery has been banned for over 70 years. Indenture is permitted, but for a maximum period of 6 years .

Note that the contract holder controls the vote of the indentured servant – and there are many ‘one-day contracts’ signed on Election day.

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