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Sacagawea: City Services

The city (and the Amerind Empire) regulates the following services

  • Energy.
  • Food.
  • Security.
  • Water, Sewage & Trash
  • Communications.
  • Transportation.

The Energy Division runs the 3 hydroelectric dams along Hells Canyon: Hells Canyon Dam, Oxbow Dam, and Brownlee Dam. These dams have been well maintained, but are no longer capable of operating at full capacity; they can produce a total of approximately 450 megawatts – which is a massive amount by present-day standards.

The Food Division owns and operates the City Farms and is also responsible for monitoring food hygiene standards. This is acknowledged as inefficient – but ensures that food supply is guaranteed and that there is an excellent food storage capability (the city could feed itself for 12 months with the food held in its warehouses).

Internal Security is the responsibility of the Sacagawea Police Department, which is a paramilitary unit consisting of 300 men and women. The police usually conduct foot patrols and operate in pairs. They usually carry revolvers – but also train as light infantry and have a battery of heavy mortars.

All adult males are liable to be drafted into the militia (250 regulars). The militia operates patrols and Search/Rescue operations along the Clearwater and Snake rivers. Every adult male must must serve in the militia reserve until their 35th birthday and also demonstrate ‘weapons skill’ by attending a training camp for at least 5 weeks every other year

Water, Sewage & Trash is probably the least glamorous of the city utilities – but it has a good PR service who (correctly) point out that clean water etcetera saves lives.

Communications is the responsibility of the Sacagawea Telecom Company (STC) who operate a phone service within the city and to most of the nearby towns and ranches. The STC also regulates the private use of radio transmitters . Officially, this is only to stop overlap of frequencies, but anyone who criticises the government (or any of the more powerful tribes) is likely to find problems with renewing their transmitter licence.

Transportation runs the docks – at least officially. This section of the city is controlled by gangs who take their cut from everything that goes through the docks.

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