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Sacagawea: Capital City of the Amerind Empire

Sacagawea is a city of approximately 50,000 people. It straddles the Snake River (on the sites previously occupied by Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington).


In the pre-war period, East Sacagawea (Lewiston) had the distinction of being Idaho’s only seaport and the western United States’ farthest inland seaport.

Currently, Sacagawea is – above all – a trading city. Due to this commerce, it is able to maintain a Tech level equivalent to the 1920’s.

The Snake River remains easily navigable and the OldPort has maintained numerous cranes and docks. Agriculture is a major industry in the Snake River Valley and Sacagawea handles a lot of barge traffic (carrying grains). There are also numerous barges carrying wood chips and sawdust for use at the manufacturing plants in East Sacagawea – where the wood is used for paper/cardboard and a variety of chemical products .

The city is composed of various ‘quarters’. The River District, home to most of the Amerindian wealthy; the Market, almost a city in itself – where almost anything may be bought and sold; Factory Town, the manufacturing area; The College, based around the Lewis-Clark State College; The Rez, an area traditionally reserved for non-Amerindian ‘working poor’ and, of course, the Docks.

Beyond the city defenses (mostly concrete pillboxes guarding the roads) are the state-owned City Farms, dozens of privately-owned ranches and the country homes of the wealthy. All of these fall under the law of the grandly-titled Amerind Empire – which stretches across the Snake River Plain

The Empire lays claim to the Snake River Plain and the Columbia Basin.  However it is strongest along the Snake River.  This is because – although parts of the Columbia Basin are fertile –  most  of the Basin is semi-desert and sparsely inhabited (following destruction of Grand Coulee dam).

Amerind Empire military and/or traders may be found throughout the ‘Inland Northwest’ – usually on or near the rivers that drain into the Columbia Basin.  In ‘pre-collapse’ terms this area represents the southeastern portion of British Columbia, most of the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, the western part of Montana, and parts of Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.

Despite its stability and relative high levels of technology, Sacagawea is not a happy city. The citizens have enough to eat – but they have a government that is unresponsive to anyone but the rich.

Low-key corruption is common and it is said that the city is really run by “The Rich, The Cops and The Mobs”.

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