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Morrow Project Rivals: "A long-term commitment"

Most of the canon Morrow Project modules are apparently designed to be used once – possibly in the course of an evening’s gaming. They all have suggestions for long-term player involvement, but these are purely optional.

The following proposed scenario could easily take several sessions to resolve.
This continues an idea of examining ‘rivals’ to the Morrow Project. What if someone else was actively trying to build a nation within the former USA? How would players react?

Let’s considers High-tech feudalism – or ‘What can Maxwell’s Militia do for your community?’

[Please note that I’m referring here to my own views of Maxwell’s Militia: a vaguely feudal operation with some fascistic overtones – and 150 years of experience in operating the feudal ‘protection racket’.]

The MM self-image – and their Public Relations campaign – is that their purpose in life is simply to allow 2 freedoms: ‘Freedom from Fear’ and ‘Freedom from Want’

1. Freedom from Fear is defined as: “protection from sudden and hurtful disruptions in the pattern of daily life”.

2. Freedom from Want is: “protection from the constant threats of crime, hunger, disease and repression.”

Maxwell Militia members consider that they have a duty and near-sacred responsibility to extend security and protection to everyone that they can. They don’t see themselves as anything other than noble (in every sense of the word). However, they don’t consider that any type of democracy is a viable form of government.

Certain members of Maxwell’s Militia have ambitions to extend their protection into other areas. Moving into “Area 8” requires long lines of communication through the former state of Missouri and the support(or at least tolerance) of the local population.

Here’s a potential “Hearts and Minds” scenario.

1. The PCs make contact with a group and discover that they’ve been expected – or rather that there have been rumours of a unit operating AFVs. Obviously, the players should attempt to get as much info as possible (could it be another Morrow Project team?)

2. Maxwell’s Militia will appear at a dramatically appropriate moment and explain the wonderful things that they can do for THIS town (or University, or New Presidency, or Gypsy Trucker winter camp, or whatever).

Note: the “wonderful things” will depend on the size and capabilities of the PC team. If, for example, it’s a small Recon team with multiple specialists, then these specialists should be allowed to use their skills/knowledge and compete against a few MM technicians for the locals ‘Hearts and Minds’. If the team is a full MARS-ONE, then the MM units are in full supply, have several M60 tanks and the local “Horde of EVIL” stands no chance. Obviously, a PSYOP team would face something like another PSYOP team, etcetera.

The objective is to provide a ‘foil’ – to provide a rivalry to the standard ‘we’re here to help you rebuild the USA’ approach

[“Well… that may be so… but Maxwell’s Militia is here to provide you with freedom from fear and freedom from want…”]

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