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Twin Port University: Jaeger Infantry Company

The Jaeger Infantry Company is the University’s equivalent of a standing army. It is composed of approximately 200 ‘Regulars’ and is the only unit that is always kept at full strength. Selection is made only from personnel who have already served at least 2 years with the University’s Armed Forces.

It is designed to be a ‘true’ light infantry unit – and one that could also be the nucleus of a resistance movement if the University territory was occupied (the most likely candidate for invader would be Maxwell’s Militia). Vehicles are assigned on an ‘as needed’ basis; Jaegers walk (or usually run) and have no ‘organic’ transportation except for some handcarts and bicycles.

The Jaegers consider that their likely opponents ( Maxwell Militia infantry) are over-equipped. In the field, MM infantrymen routinely carry more than 30 kilograms of body armor, weapons, ammunition, radios, field equipment, etc. This leads to a reliance on motor vehicles. These vehicles, are most effective on roads and in open terrain – a weakness that the Jaegers train to exploit by using mines, ambushes, by operating in urban terrain. and by their doctrine of ‘agility of body and mind’ (Jaegers try to limit their personal load to 15 kilograms or less).


A Jaeger’s main weapon is the rifle. Jaegers use the same SKS variants that are issued to the rest of the University’s Armed Forces and try to avoid Heavy Weapons. Their justification is that excessive firepower not only limits mobility but also is more likely to cause ‘collateral damage’ – something that they wish to avoid (especially since the ‘collateral damage’ is likely to be on their own people)

If extra firepower is considered necessary, there are 2 options. In terms of escalation, these are: more ammunition, or integration with one of the Ontos units.

Extra ammunition reduces mobility (but only until it is expended) and usually includes the addition of explosives, mines and grenades. The University has recently succeeded in reverse-engineering a version of the M202A1 flame weapon and has five of these available for issue (although no-one is yet fully proficient in operating this weapon)

Reinforcing the Jaeger infantry with Ontos combat units is a less common tactic, but can be an effective way of deterring incursions by groups other than Maxwell’s Militia (The University has experience with long-range reconnaissance units from the warriors of Krell and the Frozen Chosen).

The Jaegers spend most of their time training and are adept in

  • holding positions
  • directing fire support
  • ambushes
  • penetrations and encirclements (in both urban and rural areas)
  • emplacing explosives, mines and Improvised Explosive Devices


Light Infantry tactics should be hunting or stalking tactics. The Jaeger doctrine therefore relies on mental/physical agility, stealth, camouflage and deceit.

To enforce this approach, Jaeger training concentrates on tactical concepts, the understanding of a “hunter mindset” and the ability to make rapid decisions.

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