Origins of Maxwell’s Militia

Maxwell’s Militia traces its ancestry to “Site R”: the Alternate National Military Command Center (ANMCC)at Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania (on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border). This underground base survived a near miss and the fallout from attacks on the nearby targets of Camp David and Fort Detrick (a bio-weapons facility).

An obvious target, Site R was designed to survive a nuclear hit and managed to retain communication with military units to the North and West of its position. These forces were primarily some National Guard and police bases and the US Coast Guard’s Ninth District (responsible for the Great Lakes). Sporadic contact was also maintained with National Guard and law enforcement units in Iowa, Tennessee and Arkansas, along with some elements of the USCG 8th District

On Death Day, Site R was under the command of Brigadier General John Walter Maxwell. In the chaos of the months after Death Day, he provided liaison, information, and direction to surviving military and law enforcement – which was gratefully received (especially data on fallout patterns, locations of military equipment and methods of dealing with the various plague bombs). Even orders to enforce martial law were accepted as no more than necessary (they were coming from a legitimate authority).

Most appreciated were instructions on the recruitment of troops into the ‘US Militia” (a name which never caught on) and information on “lessons learned” as the surviving military/law-enforcement personnel attempted to retain order and found themselves forced to provide structure to the civilian groups that they protected. The situation induced immense stress – almost to the point of panic – and these doctrines were seized upon as near-magical solutions to the menaces of chaos and starvation. [In game terms, these are the feudal underpinnings of Maxwell’s Militia].

Least popular of Maxwell’s orders were the continual requirements to send food and supplies to the contaminated areas of the Pennsylvania/Maryland border and eventually he was forced to relocate to a safer and more convenient location: Oil City, Pennsylvania (where there were still a few functioning oil wells).

Unfortunately, this relocation meant that equipment had to be abandoned and the telecommunication network became less effective, but – for a few months – Maxwell was able to use some remaining aircraft to personally visit the commanders in the field. He received their oaths of loyalty and personally endorsed their status as Deputy
Governors (Maxwell never claimed the Presidency, merely the status of Military Governor of several states).

For a time it could almost be believed that the USA was going to survive in some form – at least around the great Lakes and the Northern part of the Mississippi river – but everything depended upon Maxwell.

The assassination of Maxwell was carried out by an unknown individual at a public ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of Death Day (some suspicion has always rested upon Deputy Governor Krell)

None of Maxwell’s Deputy Governors were able to make a successful bid for power – or maintain the telecom network. Maxwell had always been careful to limit their capabilities and the size of their units – even to the point of preventing the concentration of forces by ordering deputy governors to set up garrisons in isolated areas.

During the disruption that followed Maxwell’s death, there were numerous defections and secessions from the political entity that had been formed by ‘Maxwell’s Militia’

The 9th USCG defected to a rising civilian/Canadian power on the Great Lakes (based around some surviving ore freighters).

Iowa was also lost – to a racist group that idolised the Confederate States of America. Subsequent negotiation between the New Confederacy and the MM permitted the Mississippi to be treated as a ‘shared resource’ – which allows contact between the 2 branches of Maxwell’s Militia {game terms: in areas 6 and 8].

Deputy Governor Krell (a former USAF officer) took his forces out of the Militia entirely and set up his own bizarre dictatorship based upon an extreme ‘cult of personality’.

Numerous cities and towns (even universities) declared themselves independent and – in some cases – local leaders laid claim to the status of State Governor , or even President. The Militia was able to reintegrate some of these political entities (by force or otherwise) but not all of them.

Game note: ‘Site R’ is still there – it was carefully sealed – and is as Maxwell left it. The area is left alone due to well-founded fears about the effects of fallout and biological contamination.

Exactly what it contains is a matter of legend…

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