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NAU paramilitary – Reconstruction Engineer Corps

Also known as “Corps d’Inginieurs de Reconstruction”. The nickname of “hardhat” is often applied – because most personnel wear protective helmets.

Units from this Corps are the most likely to be encountered in the “gap” areas between North American Union communities. When in the field, these units are called “formations”.

The number of personnel in a formation depends on the particular project to which they have been assigned – but they are rarely found in groups of less than a company (100 to 200 personnel).

Formation – Example

The Corps attempts to operate in a modular fashion and usually assigns the following 4 types of unit: engineer, law enforcement, medical and communications. A typical formation would be as follows

1. Engineer platoon – about 40 people. Usually tasked with a civil engineering project such as road-building or the repair of buildings and bridges. Therefore they are equipped with construction vehicles (such as steam rollers and earthmovers). These vehicles can be steam-powered or diesel-powered

2. Law Enforcement Platoon – 30 personnel. This is a constabulary unit, responsible for ensuring security and enforcement of NAU law. They are usually lightly armed and equipped with horses or bicycles. However, they are sometimes issued trucks and heavy weapons such as recoilless rifles

3. Medical Platoon – 20 people (usually includes at least one Doctor) this unit is more than large enough to deal with the medical needs of the formation. It is over-equipped and over-manned because it is intended to be an essential part of the “hearts and minds” approach to non-citizens

4. Communications Section – 25 people. Like the Medical Platoon, this unit is over-equipped and over-manned for the internal needs of the formation. – and like the Medical Platoon, it is intended to win over “gap” communities. The Comms section can link a non-NAU town or village into the NAU telegraph and telephone system. It can also train radio operators and set up local newspapers. [A Morrow Project team might consider it to be performing PSYOP or Information Operations. ]

5. HQ Platoon – 24 personnel. This has administrative and support functions. It is responsible for liaison with other Corps units and with maintaining the formation’s equipment. The HQ staff can also fill various diplomatic functions and can even conduct treaty negotiations on behalf of the North American Union.

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