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Trade Pack – post 1987 version

In 1987 the Project carried out a complete updating of all previously emplaced equipment. This is the new, updated version of the Trade Pack.

Trade Pack Weight: 32kg
This nylon pack contains a variety of luxury items for
trade with locals.

120 American Eagles (1/4 oz gold coins)
50 Silver Dollars (US)
12 Comb/Brush/Mirror Sets
12 sample-size bottles of shampoo
12 assorted mini-bottles of alcohol
12 Nylon Rain Ponchos
24 Space Blankets
12 Fishing Kits
24 Swiss Army knives (Champ)
12 Firearms cleaning kits (inc. oil)
12 rolls 100mph tape
6 Leatherman multitools
48 250gm Packs of Candy
24 12-packs chewing gum
20 cartons of “lifeboat matches”
50 AAA Ni-Cad Batteries
50 AA Ni-Cad Batteries
12 C Ni-Cad Batteries
12 D Ni-Cad Batteries
5 Mini-maglite flashlights
12 Sony Walkman Pro cassette recorder/players
5 boxes of assorted pre-recorded tapes (10 per box)
5 boxes of blank tapes (10 per box)
12 Sony FD-30 Watchman handheld TV/Radios
6 paperback editions of The Bible (King James version)
64 assorted Perfume samples (1.2 ml each)
100 Instant Coffee packets
100 sugar packets
100 packets of coffee whitener
24 Tea packets
24 Kool-Aid drink packets
12 bottles multi-vitamins/folic acid (each 100 tablets)
12 boxes of tampons
24 packets of wetwipes

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