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New Encounter Group: North American Union

The “North American Union” , or NAU, is a confederation of some of the larger communities and city-states that are on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River. This confederation includes villages, cities and tribes in areas that used to be Canadian – but it also includes groups in areas that used to be part of the USA.

Historically, these political entities have been trading for many decades and have developed their own culture and dialect (lots of French-Canadian loan-words, and some from the First Nation tribes in Quebec).

The individual units of the NAU have gradually moved from economic interdependence to full political union and the Confederation is now a beacon of stability and civilization – but it is NOT the USA and has no intention of becoming the USA.   The NAU Constitution and legal system are specifically modelled on that of Canadian Confederation rather than the USA. Political groups that have a tradition based on a different legal system (Quebec Law, Tribal Law or the US Legal system) are allowed to keep that system – but every NAU citizen can take appeals to the NAU Supreme Court

The Confederation has plans to rebuild and repair communications – a road/rail/telegraph network between the individual states – bridging the “gap zones”and bringing various advantages to the villages and towns that lie in these “gaps ” between the NAU members.

Technology is improving but currently covers a wide range from D (most common) to a few enclaves capable of C or even B. Power Generation systems range from steam power to hydro-electric power, and the NAU Confederation has a long-term aim of restoring the Continental Power Grid (using the old Quebec hydro-plants as a powerbase for North America)


The North American Union sees no problem in gradually expanding across all of North America. The Confederation specifically disavows any attempt to absorb other political entities by force – because it sees a duty to rebuild civilization by peaceful means. However, it does have paramilitary forces and is already making plans for when its interests oppose that of the New Confederacy and/or Maxwell’s Militia (it disapproves of both slavery and feudalism).


The question for players is how should the Project deal with the NAU problem?

This isn’t as easy as the KFS (which is a clearly evil political entity). The NAU is a functional “successor state” that includes several towns, cities, tribes and cultures – all with their own histories and viewpoints. With NAU help, the Project might be able to bring stability and civilization to larger and larger sections of North America – but the Confederation does NOT want to recreate the USA.


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