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Holidays & Festivals

A little “chrome” for Morrow Project Campaigns

Holidays and Festivals for the MP universe

Jan 1: New Year

February (2nd Monday) “President’s Day” – known as “CEO Day” in Kentucky Free State or “Sumter Day” in New Confederacy

February 12: Darwin’s Birthday (celebrated by “Breeders”)
March 21: Spring Equinox (“Easter”, “Sowing Time”, “Lady’s Day”,”Shunbun no hi”)

May 1: Mayday (first day of Summer, or “Loyalty Day” in the New Presidencies, or “Worker’s day” in some areas)
June 21: Midsummer’s Day

July 4: Independence Day (in areas still regarding themselves as USA)

July 13: Birth of Nathan Bedford Forrest (celebrated only in New Confederacy)

July 26: Carl Jung’s Birthday – celebrated by Napoleon’s Own

July 31: Birth of Milton Friedman (celebrated only in KFS)

September 23: Equinox: (“Harvest Festival”, “Samhain”)

November 18: Death Day (anniversary of the War)
November 19: Survival Day (sometimes known as Thanksgiving”)

Winter Solstice (Christmas, Hanukah, Saturnalia – whatever you want to
call it)

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