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Maunder Minimum – a campaign seed

Project Directors who want scientific explanations for a lack of long-range radio AND a simultaneous ice age should research the “Maunder minimum” – a period during the “Little Ice Age” when there were almost no sunspots. Perhaps there could be a similar period in the time of the canon game?

Why are sunspots important, I hear you ask? Let me explain….

When more energy emitted is by the sun (in all wavelengths including infra-red), there are more sunspots and more ionization occurs in the earth’s atmosphere. This ionization IMPROVES the ability of the ionosphere to reflect radio – so more radiation equals better propagation (AND more heat) – less radiation results in fewer sunspots and bad radio propagation (and less heat).

Therefore: a “Maunder minimum” period of no sunspots could result in both poor radio propagation and some localized cooling of the planet.

In the Northen hemisphere the real-world “Maunder minimum” (1645-1715) coincided with some the most severe winters in history.

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