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There seems to be a LOT of conflict in the MP universe and insufficient skilled manpower (example: according to ‘Project Lucifer’ even Krell has mercenaries from Badges, cannibals
and razers). There’s also a chance of discovering caches of old (but high-tech) military weaponry. Some lucky communities may perhaps obtain something slightly more modern than muzzle-loaders from the KFS, the New Confederacy, Maxwell’s Militia, Texas, or even Krell.

The difficulty is obtaining the knowledge of how to use these weapons effectively

If there’s a customer…The market will provide.



Captain Diego Alatriste’s company has a long and glorious military pedigree (some of it is even accurate).

The first Captain was actually entitled to use the rank – he was an officer in the army of the Kentucky Free State, who was exiled to the frontier after a political dispute. Details are nowadays known only to the archives of the KFS Secret Poice, but in any event, the first Captain (an early member of the Spartans) left to pursue a slightly different profession – Mercenary commander

The second Captain Alatriste decided to expand the scope of the family business and entered the ‘knowledge business’. He actively sought out contact with Universities and saner members of the ‘Breeders’.

The present Captain has enthusiastically embraced this idea and has been known to ask for payment in books or microfilm (on one notable occasion he defended a Monastery – but only in exchange for the eternal right of himself and his descendants to consult the monastery’s library)


Captain Elias Alatriste is the grandson of the Company’s founder and, in the view of some outside observers, has managed to continue the family traditions of COMPLETE professionalism and lack of conscience.

His only real flaw as a mercenasry is a strongly-developed sense of curiosity about the technology and civilization of the past(but this is shared by many of his company)

Captain Alatriste is about 45 years old, tall, dark and (if he’s not in the field) well-groomed. His only child, Linda Alatriste, is doing an excellent job as an intelligence officer and may one day inherit the command (the personnel of the company respect skill rather than nepotism and have to be convinced that she’s up to the job).

The Company is made up of 24 experts and trainers in various fields and is capable of assisting any Headquarters. It is consciously modelled on a 20th Century Special Forces A Team (but twice the size)

The company are businesspeople and do not intend to get shot at – if at all possible – especially since the Captain is not above splitting the unit and supplying services to both sides of a dispute.


ARMOURERS/ARTILLERISTS/ENGINEERS: Field chemists, blacksmiths and engineers. These people can make or provide details on how to manufacture almost anything that goes “bang” – from nitrostarch to a Parrott Rifle to a sten gun. The original team were survivors of a Breeder patrol that was “made an offer they couldn’t refuse” by the second Captain and has been augmented by exiles from Maxwell’s Militia. Known to the other members of the company as “The Mortar Freaks”, this is actually the most aggressive part of the company and often seeks out opportunities to fire their lovingly restored 3-inch mortar

INTELLIGENCE: Surveyors, Forward Observers and Interrogation specialists. This unit can train personnel in military reconnaissance and various types of data collection (Lieutenant Alatriste has a particular interest in cryptography – she will do almost anything to obtain books on codes and linguistics)

COMMUNICATIONS: This is probably the section that has the most dangerous tasks. They go ‘into the field’ with client forces and operate the company’s collection of radios (a ragbag collection covering everything from CB radios to a couple of complete AN/VRC-12 sets). They can also manufacture crystal radio sets. NOTE: although the Mercenary company has not encountered any MP units, the “Comms section” sometimes picks up Morrow Project transmissions and has helped the Captain to develop some theories about the Project

MEDICAL: This consist of an Emdee and four assistants (all apprentices to the Emdee). This section can operate anything from a Field Hospital to a veterinary service.

TACTICS/OPERATIONS: The captain and a small staff will advise any client on strategy/tactics/operations and can train up to a battalion-size unit in the use of weapons etcetera The Captain’s particular interest is logistics… to quote him directly “Any fool
can fight an army. Feeding one is the really tricky part.”

The Company is NOT as good as a “real” Special Operation Unit (they do not willingly take many risks and a lot of skills are theoretical rather than practical) but they are all very intelligent and should not be underestimated.

NOTE: The company is not ‘in the field’ at all times – the Captain is willing to make money, get supplies and obtain books from any “interesting” line of work – for example, the unit has worked with a number of Biker gangs and Gypsy Trucker Clans in locating and restoring vehicles.

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