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New Confederacy Guidebook – Summary

The New Confederacy is a large, widespread political entity in the centre of the North American continent. The total population is approximately 2.3 million.  It has adopted the “creed” of the original Confederacy and – in summary – practices slavery of “non-white” people, a category which includes anyone who is not White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
The NC social structure is partly the result of attempts to turn refugees from urban areas into farmworkers (so that they could produce enough food to feed themselves).   Refugees (often traumatised and starving city dwellers) were assigned by the surviving government institutions to the “care” of rural landowners, who were given total authority.  Refugees who objected to this arrangement were simply killed or expelled

Today, there are approximately 10,000 landowners (also known as ‘administrators’) plus 100,000 “administrator-class” family members, 200,000 “citizens” and about 2,000,000 Displaced Persons (aka  DP, DeePees or non-citizens).

Approximately 2/3 of the population lives on homesteads: large, fortified farms/plantations/villages. Most people who live in these rural areas are still termed “Displaced Persons”, DP’s or “zombies”. See recon report on NC Homestead NChomestead(pdf)

The DP’s live in a state of ‘debt slavery’ – their debts are inherited from their ancestors and usually build up even higher during their own lifetimes.

A very skilled and successful DP craftsperson MIGHT get work from other homesteads and (eventually) be able to buy off his family debt, and become a citizen – but in this case he or she MUST move – to a town or a different homestead.

This is a safety-valve for NC society. Ambitious, intelligent Deepees don’t stay on the farm (where they might cause trouble) – they’re allowed to become citizens.

Citizens can only vote in County elections.  Only Administrators can vote on  State and Confederacy-wide issues.

The status of citizen cannot be inherited, it must be earned by completing the equivalent of a high school education and performing some service to the state (often a 3-year military, police or civil service job).  Naturally, the children of the administrator class CAN inherit their status.

CONSTITUTION: the NC uses the US Constitution, but only the first 10 amendments.  Legal rights are only given to citizens and administrators

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