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Morrow Project: 22nd Century Assault Rifles

The Infantry weapon of the TL B (or even TL C) army

22nd Century ACR

This uses magazines based on the Stoner design and can be found in a variety of calibres – everything from 22LR to 7.62 Soviet (basically, a matter of PD choice).

Crudely made from metal stampings, this can stil be an effective weapon (and an unpleasant surprise to MP teams)

It is constructed rather like many automatic pistols, it has a casing and spring around the barrel and the whole casing recoils backward. The breech block, with firing pin and extractor, is pinned to the back end of the barrel casing. The rear end of the gun does not recoil and has the hammer, sear and trigger built into it. Gas coming from four vents, near the end of the of the barrel holds the bolt closed till the gas pressure drops to a safe level.

[This weapon is based on the real-world VG 1-5 – designed for the Primitiv-Waffen-Programm in 1944. It was intended to be used by the Volkssturm and may have also been used by the postwar Werwolf guerrilla movement. The production of the VG 1-5 was around 10,000 and occurred from January 1945 till the end of the War.]

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