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Encounter Group: New Presidency & Oilers

‘To make Men Free’

The USA: a New Presidency/Oiler combination
Population: 175,000
Tech Level: B-C
Capital: Cody County, Wyoming (but traders can be encountered anywhere in Wyoming, Montana, or North/South Dakota)
Geographical Location: 11 (North West Wyoming and South West Montana)

Allies: Free North Dakota, Amerindian Empire, Trucker Clans
Enemies: Inquisition, Bikers, Breeders
Neutral(ish): Frozen Chosen
Major Weaponry: 155mm Howitzers (the USA can only manufacture HE rounds). M67 90mm recoilless rifles.
Note: For the use of its military, the USA manufactures modified versions of the AK series of rifles, (wood furniture, never plastic).  Pistols are copies of the Heckler & Koch P7M13
Special note: all able-bodied adults undertake 2-year ‘national service” in one of the surviving Federal Agencies: US Army, National Park Service, or US Forestry Service.

The USA still exists.  Or, at least, it has an echo.

The town of Cody, Wyoming survived the “Death Times” through luck and a few unusual assets- The Cody Firearms Museum, several Wild West museums,the Buffalo Bill dam, oil fields, an airfield, former workers from a closed refinery and a detachment of the Wyoming National Guard: Det. 1 Battery C, 2-300th Field Artillery. [Nothing protects your town like a battery of M198 155mm Howitzers]

At the time, Cody was not large enough to warrant a nuclear weapon (less than 10,000 people) and few refugees thought of going there. The few that did were either absorbed or turned back at the bridges that led to the town – a combined operation involving the Guard, the local police, the US Forestry Service and the National Park service (from nearby Yellowstone Park).

Cody’s subsequent history was influenced by a high-ranking refugee who flew into Cody’s airport: the Director of the National Park Service. She had been on an inspection tour and her plane was at Yellowstone Regional Airport when the bombs fell. The Director wasn’t highly charismatic but she was a smart bureaucrat/politician and able to co-ordinate the various federal/local agencies.   They were able to restore order to Park County and,  in subsequent decades, the neighbouring counties (including Park County, and Carbon County in Montana).  Today, most of the population live in and around Cody or the City of Lander, Wyoming (which provides the bulk of the USA’s oil and gas)

Since then, the Director’s successors have been elected to the position of “Secretary of the US Department of the Interior” not President of the USA.  The Government follows the pattern set by the US Constitution but on a smaller scale.   There are 18 “Senators”  (2 from each county) and an 18 -member “House of Representatives” .    There is also a Supreme Court of 9 Justices  but this rarely meets as each Justice is also the Justice for their County

Technology levels dropped quickly but fortunately Cody’s museums and local craftsmen were able to supply most of its needs and the nearby Buffalo Bill Dam was able to generate all of the town’s electricity requirements. Subsequent recovery has allowed technological capabilities to stabilise at something approximating a 1940’s to 1950’s level (although they can’t manufacture transistors and most non-military gear is more like 1930’s).

The Rocky Mountains area is not a safe place.  Major threats include Bikers (who sometimes trade but often act as bandits), the Breeders, Inquisitors (the most dangerous group) and the Frozen Chosen.  There are some rumours that that Slavers and “Children of the Night” are operating in the State – but this is unconfirmed.

Long-term diplomacy, education and democratic propaganda seem like the best approaches to dealing with most of the USA’ss external threats and this tactic seems to be working – at least with the Frozen Chosen.  Many FC members are intrigued by the USA and some have begun to agitate for more democracy in their own ranks.

A major component of diplomacy/education/propaganda campaign is a radio station NEW-KODI-AM, a 1000 watt transmitter.


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