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Maxwell's Militia: 'The Overlord of Kalkassa'

Game Background: the Maxwell’s Militia unit in “Operation Lucifer” lost contact with the ‘Overlord of Kalkassa’ over 100 years ago.

I’ve taken an arbitrary decision of this being a reference to Kalkaska, Michigan (the people in post-collapse Wisconsin can’t even remember the original names of their OWN towns – so just changing one consonant in a Michigan town doesn’t seem unreasonable). I’m also deciding that the reason for loss of contact was the collapse of the I-75 bridge after 50 years without maintenance

Real world Kalkaska County has been the site of dozens of oil and natural gas wells since the 1970’s. These produce quite a respectable amount of crude oil and gas – and even after 150 years it should be enough to support the needs of a TLB military elite (ie: Maxwell’s Militia)

Anyway… these are the basics of my concept for Kalkaska

Political situation: Kalkaska is the official residence of Robert Mulcahy – the Deputy Governor of Michigan (Maxwell claimed Governorship of several states and his local representatives were Deputy Governors).

Michigan Counties controlled by the Overlord of Kalkaska

Antrim County
Kalkaska County
Wexford County
Benzie County
Leelanau County
Manistee County
Grand Traverse County
Missaukee County
Wexford County

This area encompasses the land around Grand Traverse Bay, and a couple of counties to the south

Military Situation:
The Overlord has only 2 functional M1 tanks – but his control of oil more than makes up for this.

Kalkaska’s strength is more defensive than offensive. Mulcahy has a number of highly regarded Gun Captains in his service and his father was able to rationalise the force to ten 105mm howitzers and twenty 120mm mortars. All of these weapons can be towed by trucks or horses.

Social/Techological situation:
Mulcahy controls Traverse City and the area around it through his subordinates – who owe service to him.  This is basically a self-sustaining feudal system.  Subordinates must provide troops and/or food, and/or services as required. In return, they permitted to operate as overlords of the local population.

Most of the population  (about 120,000 people) live on farms or in small market towns and have a sustainable technology level that is equivalent to the late 19th or early 20th century, but they do have some access to Militia-produced ammunition and medical supplies (Gun Captains have monopolies on the sale of these items – they also have a monopoly on the use of telecommunications).

Mulcahy’s grandfather introduced an innovation in the system. Militia technicians produce a little nitrate fertilizer, which is distributed to the farmers in exchange for their ‘taxes’ (a percentage of their crop)

Towns and Country:
Traverse City is the largest population center (approximately 10,000) and is a harbor and trading post for the Shipmen.  Kalkaska is the administrative center and has a population of about 8,000.

Critical Infrastructure:
The Overlord is understandably proud of his electricity generation plants

Tippy Dam, Manistee, :- Hydroelectric 15MW
Stoney Corners Wind Farm, McBain, Missaukee: 45MW (on a good day)
Filer City Plant, Manistee County:- Multifuel (coal/wood/coke).  10MW
ANR Compressor Station, Kalkaska: – Natural gas 2.4MW

Note 1: The Filer City Plant could manage 30MW if it had enough fuel, but access to coal (and other soild fuel) is a problem
Note 2: Traverse City and Kalkaska have both received 2 wind turbines from the McBain site and can generate 1.2 MW each
Note 3: There was a wood-burning power station in McBain – but this is used as a source of spare parts
Note 4: Kalkaska was the site of a compressor/storage/pumping station for an interstate natural gas pipeline.  Gas was stored in depleted oil reservoirs under Blue Lake.  The original pipeline is long gone, but is still used to transport some natural gas to Kalkaska.

Political Organization:
Mulcahy himself is the overall head – but he leaves most the the day-to-day administration of the town to his son Gregory (who holds the title of “Sheriff of Traverse City”).

Gregory’s two eldest sons (Edward and Richard) command the two M60 tanks.

The youngest son is named Harrison.  He spends much of his time planning for an expedition to a nearby former National Guard Base that is operated by a group known as “Imps”  (see “Liberation at Riverton”).   Eventually, Grandfather will authorise this (if only to get some peace in the family and give the boy a chance of command).

Note: if you run “Liberation at Riverton” bear in mind that Kalkaska is only about 30km from the border of the old camp.  The Overlord of Kalkaska wil be pleased if the Imps have been eliminated – but he won’t be happy if the M60 tanks aren’t turned over to the service of Maxwell’s Militia.

Kalkaska is the site of the Michigan Assembly, a council which has the right and duty to advise the Deputy Governor . The council consists of representatives from specific professions as well as geographical areas. These professions are Farmers, Armorers, Oil-workers, Power-workers and Medics. Council members are chosen by the Deputy Governor from a list provided by each area or profession (some provide a list of just one person).

Most areas have a similar system; a local Gun Captain is advised by a council of citizens and experts (selected by the Deputy Governor NOT the Gun Captain). If their advice is ignored, Mulchay has the right to find out why and take appropriate action.

  1. December 28, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    I think I might use this soon in my game. The Team is up in The Top Part of Michigan trying to find a “Lost” Science One. They are to take it to a Morrow Project Forward Operation Command Near the boarder of the KFS and this would make a good area for the team to go through.

    Its nice to have an area that is not gone to Hell but still not the democracy that the teams hope to have. And when They have to work with them, it makes it even more intresting.

    Thanks for all the Hard work.

    Oh Ya, Will Upgrade the Tanks to M1A3 as I have the war starting in 2017 as per 4th Edition rules. That makes it even more interesting as almost non of the teams weapons have a chance to penetrate a M1 from the front or side.

    An Improved Dragon only has about a 35% chance to disable a M1 from the rear. No Chance from the front!

  2. JFB
    February 29, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Uh, in the list of counties Maxwell controls? I don’t think there is a “Cadillac County” in Michigan.

  1. October 15, 2015 at 11:47 pm

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