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Bikers (feudal variant)



This market town consists of 74 family dwellings and a Biker Fortification. The town is centered around 5 buildings known collectively as “The Clubhouse”.

This is a post-war complex resembling an 11th Century Motte & Bailey castle (complete with outer ring of earthworks and a moat). Unlike the original design, this fortification includes a stationary steam engine, which is apparently used to power an electric generator.

The Biker’s residence (note singular – there is only one “biker”) is a two-storey, concrete structure, situated on a small mound.

Within the Bailey are the following buildings: “Lab”, “Mechanics”,
“Cafeteria” and “Church”

The Lab processes the local crops (hemp, milkweed, potatoes, soybeans and wheat) and produces a variety of drugs, foods, fibers and chemicals. The lab can use hemp to produce small quantities of plastics and explosives, including modern ammunition. Allegedly, it is also able to repair rubber tires.

“The Mechanics” is a machine shop and motor vehicle repair facility. This is where the Biker stores his 3 motorbikes (one has a sidecar, equipped with a light-machine gun). “The Mechanics” also repairs and manufactures weaponry (including single-barrel shotguns, semi-automatic pistols and something that resembles a sten gun)

Interviews with residents suggest that respected guests/visitors are allowed to use these facilities and tools – but only under the
supervision of the Master Mechanic.

“The Cafeteria” is essentially a food-storage barn with an integral
kitchen/dining facility. This is for the use of “civilians” (the
population who live outside the clubhouse). Part of the local Social Contract seems to be that everyone is entitled to one meal a day in this facility and, in emergencies, all non-combatants can shelter here.

“The Church” is a barracks/kitchen/bar for clubhouse servants – this is where the rest of New Bikerton eats and sleeps.


New Market has been in existence for 49 years – it was originally
owned by Greg Landergan (the current biker’s grandfather). The social structure of the bikers seems to depend on the control of motorbikes – which requires the control of “labs” and land. There are many (perhaps hundreds?) of bikers at the main chapter’s clubhouse – but they all depend on the favors of their leader. Ambitious men are encouraged to set up their own territories – but they hold them only as long as the leader allows it. Taxes are paid to the local biker, who forwards a percentage to the leader. The Leader also has the right to call upon “his” bikers for any conflict or emergency.


New Market has a population of approximately 500 “civilians” and 50 servants.


Transportation: roads are kept in good repair by workgangs of civilians.

Electronics: two-way radios are in use by biker servants and there are radio receivers and an antique TV set up in “The Cafeteria” (choice of stations is at the whim of the biker)

Printed Material: Paper is manufactured in New Bikerton and messages may be posted in the cafeteria. There isn’t a local printing press but a newspaper is produced in the nearest large town and copies come in once per week (note: can be censored by servants).

Note: there is a standing reward of 10 kilograms of hemp for anyone who can locate/salvage a typewriter.

While this community was under observation, it was visited by a troupe of entertainers known as “The Silicon Circus”. This group operated a carnival-like entertainment with some higher technology (electric guitars for instance) and featured a mobile movie theater with RECENTLY-PRODUCED films (silent and in B&W).


A fairly “flat” social structure – a Middle Class is represented by
the skilled biker servants, a few shopkeepers/craftsmen and a family who are both vets and medical practitioners. We were unable to locate any religious organizations.


Supporting a biker and his vehicles seems to require extensive
economic activity, it seems likely that – just as in feudal Europe –
each village can only support one feudal overlord and his mount.

The main multi-purpose crop appears to be hemp (agricultural history note: hemp may have been the first crop ever domesticated). Hemp fibers are used to produce cloth and paper, hemp oil provides fuel and the seeds are eaten. Obviously, there are also recreational uses.

Every family has its own garden for growing vegetables and keeping chickens or pigs. There is a large common area where the main food crops are planted.

There are 4 bars within the town – each has its own micro-brewery and one has a still.

A market is held each month in “the clubhouse” and about 200 people come in from the nearby communities to buy and sell products/services.




The Clubhouse can muster approximately 30 effectives – they are
equipped primarily to deal with civilian rebellions(submachineguns)
but have at least one Light Machine Gun and access to hand grenades.

Heavy weapons are rumored to include one HMG and some sort of
Recoilless Rifle. New Bikerton residents are permitted to own
shotguns (one per household) and crossbows; they would probably be able to deter most bandits etcetera

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